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Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing For Fun at MakePokerLegal.Com

One of the websites Scott Matusow runs is called MakePokerLegal and on his site you can play poker for free and win prizes and (small amounts of) cash.  It’s also one of the only places you can play Royal Holdem (the version of Texas Holdem where only the cards T, J, Q, K, A are in the deck).  I’ve been playing some of small tournaments there in the last few days and today I won a 136 person tournament to get an entry to a $500 tournament.

5-10-2010 4-37-00 PM

I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, but in the mean time if you want to check out Scott’s site or play in some of these games for free go to www.makepokerlegal.com and try it out.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Revenge of Cooler

This hand happened in a qualifier tournament on UltimateBet today.  Ouch.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bicycle Club Legends of Poker Schedule Week 1

The first week of the legends of poker is almost upon us, so if you are in the Southern California area come on down and play in some of these events at the Bicycle Club Casino.




7/28 3:00pm Casino Employee NLHE $100+$20
7/29 3:00pm Media Event NLHE $0
7/29 4-6pm Legends of Poker Cocktail Party  
7/29 7:00pm Legends of Poker Event Center Grand Opening NLHE $300+$35
7/30 3:00pm NLHE $300+$35
7/31 3:00pm NLHE Day 1A $300+$35
8/1 3:00pm NLHE Day 1B $300+$35
8/2 1:00pm Lips Tour NLHE $300+$40
8/2 7:00pm Limit Holdem $300+$35

Friday, July 03, 2009

Proofread Much?

The Bicycle Club casino here in Southern California has announced the grand opening of their Legends of Poker Event Center and are celebrating it with a tournament.  Here’s the announcement they sent:


$300 +$35 = $330?

$1,000 for $5 Bonus Chips (seems a bit steep!)

In any event if you’re in town come join this tournament.  I think I will be taking a stab at it but I may have to forgo the $5 bonus chips.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Full Tilt Affiliate Freeroll

Well, I played in the Full Tilt affiliate freeroll today (124 entrants). A mega-LAG towards the end finally did me in in 12th place (10 places pay):

Full Tilt Poker Game #6916180105: Affiliate Freeroll (50847401), Table 2 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:13:23 ET - 2008/06/21
Seat 1: LowLimitHoldem (8,935)
Seat 2: bradz21 (26,152)
Seat 3: Mago666 (8,150)
Seat 5: imteaz (6,301)
Seat 8: RAYZ (15,375)
Seat 9: mimoAS (28,592)
LowLimitHoldem antes 50
bradz21 antes 50
Mago666 antes 50
imteaz antes 50
RAYZ antes 50
mimoAS antes 50
Mago666 posts the small blind of 250
imteaz posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LowLimitHoldem [Qs Ad]
RAYZ folds
mimoAS raises to 2,050
LowLimitHoldem raises to 8,885, and is all in
bradz21 folds
Mago666 folds
imteaz folds
mimoAS calls 6,835
LowLimitHoldem shows [Qs Ad]
mimoAS shows [6d Ks]
*** FLOP *** [Kd 7d Qc]
*** TURN *** [Kd 7d Qc] [Tc]
*** RIVER *** [Kd 7d Qc Tc] [Kh]
LowLimitHoldem shows two pair, Kings and Queens
mimoAS shows three of a kind, Kings
mimoAS wins the pot (18,820) with three of a kind, Kings
LowLimitHoldem stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 18,820 | Rake 0
Board: [Kd 7d Qc Tc Kh]
Seat 1: LowLimitHoldem showed [Qs Ad] and lost with two pair, Kings and Queens
Seat 2: bradz21 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: Mago666 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: imteaz (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: RAYZ folded before the Flop
Seat 9: mimoAS showed [6d Ks] and won (18,820) with three of a kind, Kings

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekly $20 Money Added at Full Tilt

Just wanted to post a quick note here that the weekly $20 money added ($2+$0.50 buy in) is changing format. It will now be 6max No Limit Turbo (instead of full ring non-turbo). It runs every Saturday at Full Tilt at 9:00am Pacific (Noon Eastern) and is on the Private Tab under Tournaments.

The password is LOWLIMIT

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 15, 2007

2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker Part 3


Probably the reason I'm lasting so long in this tournament is that I am not catching any cards. Had 1 premium pair (KK mentioned above) this whole time, but that's probably what has kept me in this thing this long.... Right now there are 198 players left (out of 1337) and the average stack is 68k. My stack's 27k still! Going to need to get a double up sometime soon...


Well I had to make a stand with about 13k chips left with blinds at 1.5k/3k so I called a 20k ep raise with 55 and the big stack at the table also called. Both people had AK so I was a 'favorite' in the hand, but alas flop JQx turn T for the nut straight for both of them...
Went out 143/1337 ah well no replacement xbox for me this time but watch out 2008, I'll be back...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker Part 2

At the break I'm at 17800 chips. It should have been a lot more, but I ran into this hand right before the break:

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t300 (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: HTML)

MP2 (t5485)
MPC (t16055)
CO (t8100)
Button (t17675)
SB (t19200)
BB (t7950)
UTG (t12525)
UTG+1 (t19510)
MP1 (t10125)

Preflop: Hero is MP3 with 4d, 4h.

2 folds, MP1 raises to t900, MP2 calls t900, Hero calls t900, 2 folds, SB calls t750, BB calls t600.

Flop: (t4500) 2d, 5s, 3c (5 players)

SB checks, BB checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, Hero checks.

Turn: (t4500) Ah (5 players)

SB checks, BB checks, MP1 bets t1500, MP2 folds, Hero calls t1500, SB folds, BB folds.

River: (t7500) 4s (2 players)

MP1 checks, Hero checks.

Final Pot: t7500

Results in white below:
MP1 has Ac Qd (straight, five high).
o has 4d 4h (straight, five high).

Outcome: Hero wins t3750. MP1 wins t3750.

2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker Part 1

Well, we're starting the 2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (phew that's a mouthful) at PokerStars. The tournament started with 1337 (no joke! - leet) entrants and 10,000 in tournament chips each. Starting Blinds are $25/$50.

Most people are playing cautiously, but there are a few wild ones already. The kind of people that build up a dominating stack very quickly and often lose it just as quickly... Because of the somewhat conservative play it's going to take two pretty big hands to get a large chunk of someone's stack right now. (pardon, folding AQ to a early position raiser)

Raised QQ in early position and got two callers (late pos + BB) flopped a set of queens but two clubs on board... bet $300 into a $400 pot and took the hand down (wasn't particularly looking forward to racing all my chips against a flush draw should they get overaggressive even at a better than 2:1 favorite)

I'll check back in after the tourney's been going for a while.

Friday, October 12, 2007

PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 1254597

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FTOPS Event #4 Pot Limit Holdem

Since yesterday I've been having a very mixed run of cards and play. I did six $100 9 seated SNGs. The first two I placed 1st and 2nd (in the case of the 2nd I had my opponent all in as a favorite and lost the critical hand and giving my opponent a 5-1 advantage. The next four, however were all bubble outs 4th place finishes with some truely bad-beat situations. In the first I was crippled to a short stack after calling a preflop raise with AA and checking a flop of TTT to my opponent who went all in with JQ. Turn and River J's gave me a gutshot punch to the stomach and a tiny stack that got blinded out in 4th. The next 3 were all 4ths as well (even with me trying not to take any excessive risks while on the button) AQ vs QJ all in preflop, QJ rivers a straight, etc. I did make some mistakes, but all in all I was very happy with my play in all of the sngs.

That's not what this entry is about, though. This entry is about transvestite poker players.

During the first hour of event #4 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series I'm sitting next to someone named pokerguy7070. They didn't LOOK like a pokerguy...

I've played poker live quite a lot and one thing I guarantee you I don't see very often is this:

Especially on a guy...

Back to the actual tournament, though. I'm bleeding chips by a sieve by basically playing like a donkey. I've had a couple all-in moments, including me sucking out on pocket queens with my pocket 8's while short stacked. The last hand I played there was a minimum raise in early position with 4 callers and me in the BB. I raised pot with AKo which was almost all of my chips and the early position player reraised forcing everyone out. He had AKo also and the flop gave me a backdoor flush draw that didn't materialize so we chopped the limpers chips. It's not much, but I'll take it over the KK or AA I was half expecting him to flip over.

The tournament started with 696 players and there are 396 left. I have 1629T left which is about 1/3 of the average stack so I need some help soon. The blinds are at 60/120. Well speak of the devil. I reraised all-in with QQ preflop and ran into American Airlines. No help on the board for me and out 381st. The flop was all undercards so no getting away from this hand unless I fold it preflop which isn't likely. Oh well, there's always FTOPS #5 tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FTOPS Event #3 Limit Omaha-8

Event #1 and #2 of Full Tilt's online poker series didn't do too well for me. I survived through about 2/3 of the field (2000 entrants in the kickoff event #1) and then got hit by two nasty hands in #2 (the limit holdem event). Two hands crippled me almost back to back and they were against the same player.

In hand #1 they raised (middle of the tournament) with Td 6d and I called in the BB with 88. flop 966 turn 7 and a river 4 kept me in the hand until the end to pay off his miracle trip sixes.

In hand #2 I raised in middle position with As Ks and the same opponent called with Kh Jd and the flop? Of course it was KJx. River was another K to ensure I lost maximum with this hand.

Back to today's event. For the first hour I'm sitting next to Full Tilt pro Stuart Paterson who is losing chips like a mofo. People are calling double raises pre-flop with hands like 87J2 and hitting while lows are counterfeited, etc. For the first part of the tournament I was doing pretty well, but some monster draws failed to materialize, or pots were chopped when I had by far the best of it on the turn. For example I had KKxx double suited and caught top set on a flop of KQ (low). There's two diamonds and opponent #1 has the nut flush draw and opponent #2 has AQQ6 and is giving huge action. Oppenent #1 has A35 for backdoor low draws, so in order to scoop Opponent #2 has to hit the case queen and to get low he has to have the cards come runner runner 3 5. They come runner runner 3 5 no diamond and I chop with uber dog.

Here's Stuart at the first break:

After the break
things started to go seriously wrong as my preflop multiway raises with A23x hands were greated with flops like TTx and I chased a couple hands through the turn when I should have folded. At this point I have 510T left and the blinds are 160, so I'm looking for some good cards and a good flop and ... well I need some help!

Help didn't come in the form of this hand heads up (all in except for 92 chips pre-flop and I bet the 92 on the flop when they had 4 outs to scoop). Ah well, that's poker.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stars and Stripes

Yesterday Heaven and took a trip up to Bell Gardens, California to play in the first event of the Bicycle Casino's Stars and Stripes tournament series (a middle tournament series with buy-in's ranging from $100 to $500 for each event). This particular event was $100+$25 (!) No Limit Holdem.

On the upside, everyone who registered got a free Stars and Stripes hat so it was really $100+$25-$7 or so as MellowYellow from the Low Limit Forum pointed out.

The blind increases at this tournament were every 30 minutes and all 429 players started with 1000 chips. Heaven busted early when her straight on the turn was beaten by a boat on the river. I lasted until about 60/429 but still out of the money.

Two interesting hands came up. In the first when the blinds were 25-50 I raised in late position to 200T with QsJs. The BB, who I had covered by about 500T reraised to 500T (about a third of his stack at the time) and I called. The flop came As Ks 5c (!) and the BB instantly went all-in. I thought about this for a while. The instant all-in seemed like a move he had planned before ever seeing the flop so it could mean pretty much any pocket pair and maybe a hand like AK. Some of these hands are monsters on this flop but I had at least 12 outs to win and more if he had a hand like 99 or less. On the other hand I'd be down to 500T if I lost. After about 30 seconds I called the all-in because even though it was a gamble, with the 1050 already in the pot + my >40% draw to the nuts I felt it was a good time to gamble and get a larger than average stack. We turned up our hands and it turns out he flopped a set with 55 so it was off to the race. A turn Q and river Q left me with losing trips and a tiny stack.

I had to make a few all-in moves after this with Ax and won or chopped them all and managed to build my stack a big -- enough to keep up with the blind increases for the most part when the final hand of the evening for me came up with blinds at 300-600 and 100 antes and seven players in the hand (the pot before any action was 1600). I had was in the SB with 2800 left and a stack smaller than me went all in. Another player right after him with a medium-large stack went all in and I looked at my cards and found 88. Now I'm looking for a spot to put my money in but of course calling my chips off after two people had gone all in before me. I thought about this hand for a little bit also, but my feeling was that the first person was desperate and they most likely had an Ax hand like A4o and I also felt the player that went all in after them knew that and had an Ace with a larger kicker or perhaps a medium or small pocket pair and wanted to shut out the rest of the actions and kill the blinds. If both players had an Ax hand my pocket 8's were looking pretty good. I called. Player one turned over A9o and player two turned over AJo so my call definitely was worth it and if I won the hand I'd be an average chip stack. Unfortunately the flop came 9KT and the turn came a Q killing my hand entirely as the AJ made the nut straight. Still I was happy enough with that play and enjoyed playing live for a change.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Maybe they should revive those Budweiser commercials where everyone is talking to each other on the phone saying 'wasssup', 'wwwwaaaaassup' only for the WSOP. 'wssoop', 'wwwwwssssop'

Ok it was funnier before I actually wrote it. Now suffer.

Remember last time when I was beating the rake by .1 big bets for the month. Well I decided to do something about that and promptly lost about 50 big bets in two sessions on UltimateBet by skillfully combining a run of bad cards with astoundingly bad play! Then while still on tilt I took $100 over to PokerRoom where they "meeted me and beated me"... I thought about it and laughed so hard the gun fell out of my hand so I'll have to shoot myself another day.

Still there's a point here and that is I don't plan to go back to the tables thinking of myself as 50 big bets behind. That's suicide and a recipe to lose 50 more. Start every session as if you were even whether you are ahead or behind. Your goal is simply to make good decisions. If someone gets lucky on the last card and wins that can really hurt your stack, but you should note it (in writing, on paper) as a win. If you make a dumb mistake note THAT also and don't make it the next time. Poker's a game of eternal improvement.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The problem with Steps and more...

When last we spoke... Oh yes, step tournaments at Party Poker. Well it is an intriguing idea, but there is a flaw and the flaw is this. The last couple levels (especially the step higher) tournament are very hard to fill and so you find yourself sitting and waiting... I'm not talk about waiting for the water to boil waiting, I'm talking about waiting for your kids to complete college waiting. And it's also not waiting that you can do away from your computer because when you're starting a $3,000 buy in SnG you don't want to be out watering the lawn.

I believe for this structure to work the last two steps should be scheduled single table tournaments (where you can chose a date and time for a list of options). Since I know the Party Poker folks read this blog maybe they'll do something about that.

Along those lines of pickiness, in a NL tournament before it is your turn to act there is a checkbox where you can select "bet pot", however when it's actually your turn to act there's no such option... Hello? McFly?!

Having said all that the mini-step versions don't have the same issue, and you can buy into the lowest level of those for $5+$1 so it's an inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours.

On the website (http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/) we've moved things around a little putting the discussion forum and of course this blog closer to the top on our left hand navigation pane, and also clearing out some of the older "what's hot" items (they were more leukwarm at this point). Definitely visit and say hello on the discussion forum--there's a few crazy people posting up a storm right now and I think they want company.

In low limit holdem I've been playing a lot at the live cardrooms lately at the $3-$6 and $6-$12 limits. The live game is changing a bit perhaps as a result of all the TV poker and, if not tightening up at least including more tight players. Some people even fold before the flop now! Don't worry--not a lot of them and the games are still great. The larger rooms are now all using electronic shuffling machines to keep the games going pretty quickly. If you haven't visited your live cardroom lately you might want to take a look--they are booming too.

A live hand After you've been playing for a while there are certain sequences of events that happen on the poker table that you grow to almost subconsciously expect. Case in point a hand I was involved in yesterday...

I'm in late position with AhAc and the UTG player raises the pot preflop and gets two callers before me. I 3 bet (which the big blind calls!) and he caps the pot (everyone invested calls). I'm thinking KK. The flop is Td 3h Ts and UTG bets, gets a caller before me, I call and the BB calls. The turn is the 8h and UTG bets again.

At this point the subconscious expectation is that one of the other two players who called the flop bet is going to raise (holding a T)... After all, what are they calling the flop with? I call the bet and the the BB just calls again. That's four players in on both the flop and turn.

The river is the Js and the UTG once again bets and gets the same caller before me. I call again and the BB finally folds. I win the hand with aces and tens. UTG had exactly KK and the middle player at QJ offsuit.

Now this was an especially passive hand because of the way I played it, so it's one I'm thinking about. Definitely that "waiting for the hammer to fall" aspect played into my play, and yet how did it affect the final outcome? Had I raised on the flop it would have been heads up between myself and KK, none of the other players had a threatening draw (perhaps the BB caught a 3 on the flop, but didn't have enough to call on a fairly large pot at the end) so raising definitely would have cost money with the players having the cards they did. What if someone did have a T? With two players having overpairs (which was definitely a strong possibility based on the preflop action) they may very well call hoping to get in the middle of a raising war between myself and the KK that we each only have two outs to win. The only question to me is the river play--should I have raised on the river? I knew KK would call a raise on the river and there was a chance the other caller would call with a hand like Jx that hit on the river (like this case!). In retrospect if I'm losing to someone slow playing a ten or better I'll lose one or two bets by raising on the river (depending on if they reraise). If I'm winning I will be paid off one or two bets.

I think based on the action that not raising on the end was a mistake, but not a giant mistake and it was based on that subconscious expectation of someone slowplaying trips.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Watch Your Step

Party Poker started running what they call single and double table "Step Tournaments" some time ago and recently added a new flavor called "Step Higher" which has a higher initial buy in games ($33+3).

All three types of the step tournaments (Step Higher, Original Steps and Mini Steps) have five levels. You can start at the bottom level or buy into any of the higher levels directly if you want. You progress to the next Step by placing high in your current step (For Step Higher you must win the single table to progress to the next Step, but on Original Steps which is a double table tournament structure the top four players move to the next step). The next few places are granted a freeroll to "do over" the current step, the next few places after that are either awarded a small cash prize or a freeroll to the previous step. In all cases the main cash prizes are awarded at the Level 5 Step (and unlike the previous steps there are no "do over" prizes awarded at this level).

The Step Prize breakdown at Level 5 is as follows:

Step Higher: 1st-$100,000 2nd-$30,000 3rd-$20,000
Original Steps: 1st-$9,000 2nd-$5,000 3rd-$3,600 4th-$2,400
Mini Steps: 1st-$2,000 2nd-$1,000 3rd-$500 4th-$300 5th-$200

Buy ins for the first level are Step Higher - $33+$3, Original Steps - $11+1, Mini Steps - $5+1, so even for the much more difficult "Step Higher" version (more difficult because you must win to progress to the next level) you can take a chance at $100,000 for only $33+$3. In general if you are a solid single/double table tournament player you can get a lot of play out of your initial buy in.

I wanted to mention all that factual stuff for those who are interested in trying this tournament structure and who might not be aware of it. More information on these steps tournaments can be found at http://www.partypoker.com/news/events/steps-challenge-04.html

Right now I am working on the "Step Higher" tournaments and am on Level 2 (My first SnG at level two left me at 4th place which was a rebuy to play Level 2 again). I'll keep this blog updated with my progress through the "Step Higher" steps, but it could be some time before I reach level 5 :)

I do have a few tips for those of you who are interested in playing these tournaments (or really for anyone who plays sit and go tournaments)...

1. Play very very tight in the beginning rounds. Many people, especially at Party Poker, take incredible risks when the blinds are only $15. You can often guarantee yourself a step replay simply but not playing during the first couple blind increases and letting the other players eat each other.

2. Play looser at the end. Once you have a rebuy locked up it's time to take some chances and gamble a little. Now that the blinds are very high you should be willing to gamble a little and apply more pressure to the blinds. This doesn't mean throwing your money away on horrible bluffs but it does mean being willing to put all your chips at risk when you believe you have the best of it.

3. Avoid tilt after a bad hand. One very common thing in single table play is that after a losing hand many players will throw all their remaining chips into the pot with almost no value. Don't do this. You have a chance to win with a chip and a (virtual) chair, so make the most of it and sit out a hand or two if you have to to avoid throwing your money away after a beat.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

WPT Legends of Poker

I got to watch a bit of the final day (before the final six tomorrow) action of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event at the Bicycle Club casino in Bell Gardens, California.

I wasn't there to play--at least not to play in the $5000 event--more as moral support for my significant other (SS) who was participating in the Ladie's Poker Party (first place would win a spot on the WPT Ladies Invitational event which is filming September 1st).

Before she went in to start her tournament we spotted Clonie Gowen and Evelyn Ng milling about and I was almost run over by Shana Hiatt and a small group moving with her (she would also be playing in the ladies event). Access to the final few tables of the WPT main event was suprisingly easy to get and I was able to watch Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon play a few hands from my vantage. I didn't get to see any huge deciding pots or exciting races but I did get to see a lot of pots won without anyone ever showing a hand. Now that's good poker.

Pokerwise I did put in some obligatory time in the 3-6 holdem game and ended up a 10 big bet loser (the deciding hand was when my AA was cracked by 88 on the turn when his third 8 miraculously appeared) after three hours when SS was eliminated during the 5th blind escalation from her tournament when her all in with TT vs another player with 77 ended in tragedy when the person in question hit a 7 on the turn. She did pretty well and felt she was playing well the whole tournament and managed to eliminate Kathy Liebert with her JJ vs KL's 77.

I can definitely see the lure that the WPT has brought to poker. The air of the poker room was charged with excitement and it was pretty neat to be surrounded by celebrities (even if they are "just" poker celebrities). If you get a chance to participate in a WPT event (or even just railbird one for a little while) I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Plagiarism, UltimateBet, and Cheesy Calls


Recently we've had a problem with people taking the pages from our website and converting them to PDF files and selling them on eBay. We had to go so far as to become a VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) on eBay so that we can request that they take down other people's listings when they are selling these sorts of ebooks.

Today we've gone international and received word that a version of this ebook is being sold on the UK version of eBay. I'm not sure whether I want to laugh or cry! Why would anyone bother to do something like this when they have to know they'll be found out? Of course if anyone knows who is distributing these ebooks for resale we'd definitely like to know. You can email me at kmslogic@lowlimitholdem.com.


UltimateBet is using a quote from one of our pages on their home page. I actually found out about this on our discussion forums (www.lowlimitforum.com) and was a little skeptical but there it is. Check out a bit of our site on http://www.ultimatebet.com/.

Cheesy Calls

On a personal note I've been playing a number of tournaments lately (best result last week was 1st of 27 in a $250 buy-in event on Paradise). I've noticed an interesting effect especially when playing tournaments on Paradise poker but also elsewhere and that is that people seem very willing to take crazy risks in the very early stages of these tournaments. I've been knocked out more than once in the last week by getting a big preflop hand (including AA) cracked in the very first round of the tournament when the blinds are $10 and $20 with a $1500 stack.

I will always take this risk with AA to get a chance to have a dominating stack in the middle portion of a tournament however I've improved my tournament results quite a bit by avoiding these sorts of situations entirely until the blinds have increased 3 or 4 times. Yes, its nice to have a bigger stack when going into the middle section, however when there is a lot of gambling even being a 4:1 favorite will catch up to you especially in huge preflop multiway pots. By essentially sitting out the first 20 minutes of a Paradise tournament I can avoid a big percentage of this preflop gambling. Give it a try!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Low Limit No Limit Holdem

The big online game to play right now is no limit ring games which have spawned strategy sites like http://www.flopturnriver.com/ (a good place to visit if you want to play in these games). This is an exciting game with some very good profit potential if you are a good no limit player. Of course it's not so easy to become a good no limit player!

Right now what I see online are three types of people playing this game. First are the gamblers... instead of signing up for InterCasino and playing blackjack they want to gamble against other players. You'll see them throwing money around like crazy and playing an extremely aggressive variety of no limit poker. Next we have the newbies (no offense to them at all--we all were newbies at one point) who saw no limit play on TV most likely (maybe the WSOP or WPT or even Celebrity Poker). These people of course make a lot of mistakes because there's a big difference between playing a no limit game with $1-$2 blinds and playing at the final table of the WSOP. It's not uncommon for them to make big preflop moves on very marginal hands like AJ/55 that really want to see a flop. The last group are the experienced no limit players who are feeding off the first two groups.

These are just observations. I am not a good no limit player (although I can hold my own and have won a few small tournaments). It takes a lot of skills to play no limit because the mistakes are so costly. It also has the potential to be very profitable in the short run as people flock to these tables. There is a problem, though, and that is that the skilled players beat the weak players much faster in no limit and pot limit games than in any other sort of poker. This means that the supply of money into the games will eventually dry up (as they've dried up in the past at the brick and mortar cardrooms except in some special circumstances and except for now that the game has gotten so much new blood mainly from the WPT program on the Travel Channel).

Another thing to keep in mind: Ring no limit play is much different than tournament no limit play. In ring game you're looking to get involved in one or two big pots a night. In a tournament you aren't able to do that because of escalating blinds and have to start making moves. Hands like AK which can usually be put all-in in the later stages of a tournament are preflop suicide in a ring game.

So should you play this flavor of holdem? Well you can if you can build the right skills quickly there is still time to make some money before the money dries up. And when the money does dry up you can come back to limit holdem which will remain constantly popular among poker players of all skills precisely because sometimes the bad player can make a killing.