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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tipping the Dealer in Live Poker Games

One of the visitors at Low Limit Holdem Strategy and Tactics recently shared their tipping strategy with us and gave us permission to share it with you…

I am not a professional poker player nor do I play for leisure; I am somewhere in the middle.  As my passion for cards grew, so did the amount of money that I was putting at risk and, while I am able to responsibly maintain my bankroll in the discretionary column of the domestic balance sheet, I am very conscientious of its health.  This was not always the case.  A friend and I were exchanging thoughts on career poker players a while back and he posed a simple question - how profitable was my play.  I had read extensively from the literary canon dedicated to the subject, spent hours applying various strategies and refining my game and knew that the deal presidents had reproduced but I was unable to quantify the most basic business metric.  At that moment, it occurred to me that my favorite pastime just became more complicated.

How many well intentioned entrepreneurs with great ideas had their dreams go unrealized because they neither understood nor could apply the required business practices to manage a successful company?  The cold hard reality is that if you want to play for other than simple leisure, you need to make more money than you lose.  Read just one book on playing poker you will realize that the author’s focus is on explaining a wide range of issue a player needs to consider in order to maximize the odds of a particular outcome.  Now read ten more books and ask yourself how much attention has been dedicated to minimizing expenses.  I am not talking about probabilistic risk reduction; I am talking about non-poker theory related cost reduction.  Consider this: you drive 30 miles to play in your favorite game, when you sit down you are 60 round-trip miles in gas and 1 hour in time behind (whatever that translates to in monetary terms) and you have not even posted your first blind.

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