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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are you on tilt? How about NOW? How about NOW?!

There are a number of things, as I've gotten older, that I no longer do. For example I no longer ask the question "How could it get any worse?" because I've found there is always a way it can...

I have written articles on tilt and avoiding tilt on http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/ and just when I think I have it licked I am doing just terrible things to my mouse, beating it against my desk and yelling (for the neighbors to surely hear) "No f*&%*ing WAY!" as my opponent makes a one out suckout for a 17 BB pot (the hand in question can be found here). Of course other beats come and sometimes they come in succession very quickly. Flopping two pair is about 49:1 against, but if you're up against the big blind with pocket queens and they have 7 4 suited then it's closer to 50:50.

The longer I play the more I understand why poker players don't want to hear other people's bad beat stories and yet insist on telling their own, and yes I'm telling my own and you as a poker player don't want to hear it. I know, I know...

The point, though, is not the bad beats but the tilt that comes from them that has really damaged my game and win rate over time. I have gotten better at taking beats but I am still prone to tilt when they seem to keep coming and coming and coming. The reality is that if I want to really maximize my poker game I have to get past it and it really really is a challenge.

My last beat was my KK vs KT small blind vs big blind when my opponent caught two tens. Just to type it it doesn't sound all that bad but it sure sucked at the time; so I left the games for a few hours and now I am back, and this time I will keep it together longer than the last time.

What more could you ask?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't tase me bro...

Have you heard about this? A University of Florida student was being especially loud and stubborn in his questions of Senator John Kerry and the police dragged him (while he continued to yell things like "What are you doing? Someone help me!" while no one helped me. Finally with four officers hold on we hear him say "Don't tase me bro, don't tase me bro!" which of course immediately led to repeated tasings... It sounds funny but the video is frightening... A full article is over on Wired Magazine

What's this have to do with poker? Well not much really, but some recent sessions could be described pretty well by the tagline "Don't tase me bro!"

The Low Limit sites are going through some changes and I'm spending a lot of time cleaning up the old and putting in some new.

http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/, http://www.lowlimitomaha.com/, and http://www.lowlimitstud.com/ all have some major changes in store, and the stud site will actually get its full share of real strategy content (what you wanted to know how to play??). In addition, the popular Low Limit Poker Forum is going to get a new home at the end of the month at http://www.lowlimitforum.com/ but for the moment it's still at www.lowlimitholdem.com/smf and we'll be redirecting old links to the new site so the transition should be pretty painless.

Here's to Fall '07 :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Now were blogging!

Google has released an add-on for Microsoft Word that lets you write blog entries directly from inside Word (instead of using the sometimes frustrating web interface from the http://www.blogger.com/ web site). So now that it’s more convenient to blog there should be some more blog entries here. If you use blogger you can get this free add on at http://buzz.blogger.com/bloggerforword.html.

Contrary to last month, this month has been really good in the online poker arena. Playing at limits from 5-10 to 50-100 (50-100 is a definite stretch) I’ve managed to keep this month at about +10bb/100 hands overall to the tune of about $5000 up so far for the month. Besides the cards hitting me (which they have, but not to any supernatural level) I attribute this month to two things—Poker Tracker and the work I’ve been doing on my own loose card tilting. The one limit where I’m losing money (surprise) is $50-$100, and without that game I’d be up about $7500.

Poker Tracker (You can get a copy here) is a tool that imports hand histories from all major online poker sites and analyzes them. When playing at UltimateBet they have a utility available for download called UltimateHistory which will automatically request and save the hand history after each hand you play, and another utility written by a third party (and free) called GameTime Plus which gives you a heads up display of statistics for yourself and everyone at your table (naturally you can only see the hands your opponents have been in while you’ve been sitting at a table with them, but it does pull up statistics for all previous sessions where you may have played against them).
Instantly it tells you who is seeing too many hands and a basic idea of how they play the game (aggressive/passive before and after the flop and loose/semi-loose and tight). Armed with this information I was able to tighten myself up a few more percent and adjust my play vs my opponents on several occasions thanks to the information on the hud.

If you don’t have Poker Tracker you just have to get it.