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Friday, June 25, 2010

Beating the Poker Game but not the Poker Rake

broadway-logo One of the newest online poker rooms, Broadway Tables, is letting us offer 33% rakeback for life to all new players that sign up through any of the Low Limit sites in addition to their generous 110% first deposit bonus up to $600.

Right now this is the best deal available and is especially important to micro limit poker players.

Why is rakeback more important to small stakes poker players?

Here's the simple answer: Because the stakes of the game are smaller, the rake that is taken each hand is a larger portion of a big blind and in some cases the rake is actually more than the price of a blind.

When we created the Low Limit poker sites we were looking at live poker games with stakes between $2-$4 and $9-$18. Even at those stakes it was challenging to beat the rake at most cardrooms. Now with online poker rooms the minimum stakes have dropped because there is no need to pay a dealer or provide physical space for every table that is running. As a result more people are playing limit games in the range of $1-$2, $0.50-$1, and even $0.25-$0.50. At these limits it is harder and harder to beat the rake and so for most players even if they are beating the game (without rake) they are eventually losing all their money to the rake. By returning 33% of the rake to the player these breakeven and slowly losing players turn into slowly winning poker players and that's the exact goal of this site... We want you to win by a small but meaningful (and mathematically justifyable) amount so that as you improve in skill you can tackle larger and larger staked poker games and eventually, become a professional player who makes all their income at the poker tables. Being able to start this goal at the lowest stakes means exposing yourself to the least amount of risk.

I encourage all players from this site, especially those that find themselves barely winning or slowly losing at online poker to take advantage of this offer and start playing at Broadway Tables now.