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Friday, March 26, 2010

The End of March 2010 is Near for Party Poker’s Gladiator Promotion

We’re down the the last week or so of Party Poker’s Gladiator promotion which provided many different cash and tournament rewards based on how much poker you played there during the month.  I was very excited about this promotion and I hope Party holds more of them in the future.  Of course I also hope they bring back access to their gaming servers to US residents!

3-26-2010 3-11-15 AM

Even if you started playing right now you’d still have time to hit a $950 payday if you make 2,000 or more party points each day for the next 5 days.  You can see that for die-hard online players it was within reach to earn a 12.5k WSOP packing within a single month which is an offer that cannot be beat especially with no other qualifications.  For example at PokerStars although you can earn a good amount of cash if you are already SuperNova or SuperNova Elite you first have to reach those levels to generate the large amounts of FPPs to get the big cash prizes.  With this Party promotion they’re essentially giving you credit for being a SuperNova Elite sight unseen and saying “show us what you can do”.  Nice.