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Saturday, September 22, 2007

When Aggression is Bad

Some time ago on the Low Limit Forums a hand came up which demonstrated why being aggressive might not always be the best choice in a low limit loose/passive game.

The situation was the hero holding

AsJs in middle position.

The UTG player limped and the hero raised. Two players after him cold call the raise and the big blind and UTG player called. 5 people see the flop which is:


Definitely this is a huge flop for the hero's hand with 12 outs to the nuts in a five handed game. The big blind checks, the UTG player bets and the hero...

This is where the discussion came in. The hero definitely can raise here from the value of their cards, but they'll be forcing three players to cold call two bets on the flop and will most likely force one or more of them out. The argument for raising here is usually that the pot is already "large" (5.5 big bets preflop) and you can gain overcard outs (for example if the flop were all low cards you could get a hand like KQ to lay down their hand which would free up additional outs for your jack to win the hand even if a queen or king comes as well). In this situation there really isn't any overcard hand which would lay down here that you really want to lay down here. You are either beating any ace in the pot, or their kicker (AQ) will give you the nut straight. In a five handed pot you will usually have to hit one of your 12 nut outs to win the hand so what you really want is to have as many callers as possible (and for as much money as possible at least on the flop), however raising here is usually the wrong move because you increase your investment in the pot and will probably reduce the number of opponents. You also leave the opportunity for a later position player to become aggressive on the flop which you welcome.

The bottom line is to be know why you are raising your strong drawing hands on the flop so you know when this move doesn't apply. If the flop had been instead:


Then raising in this position would probably be the right move because you are much more likely to gain additional overcard outs.

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