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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Maybe they should revive those Budweiser commercials where everyone is talking to each other on the phone saying 'wasssup', 'wwwwaaaaassup' only for the WSOP. 'wssoop', 'wwwwwssssop'

Ok it was funnier before I actually wrote it. Now suffer.

Remember last time when I was beating the rake by .1 big bets for the month. Well I decided to do something about that and promptly lost about 50 big bets in two sessions on UltimateBet by skillfully combining a run of bad cards with astoundingly bad play! Then while still on tilt I took $100 over to PokerRoom where they "meeted me and beated me"... I thought about it and laughed so hard the gun fell out of my hand so I'll have to shoot myself another day.

Still there's a point here and that is I don't plan to go back to the tables thinking of myself as 50 big bets behind. That's suicide and a recipe to lose 50 more. Start every session as if you were even whether you are ahead or behind. Your goal is simply to make good decisions. If someone gets lucky on the last card and wins that can really hurt your stack, but you should note it (in writing, on paper) as a win. If you make a dumb mistake note THAT also and don't make it the next time. Poker's a game of eternal improvement.