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Friday, May 27, 2011

Iowa Signs an Online Poker Study into Law


From Internet-Poker.co.uk - Iowa Online Poker Study Signed Into Law

Iowa is looking to see how an intrastate (Iowans playing other Iowans) online poker option will affect the state and its existing gambling enterprises.  I think in general these intrastate attempts will fail (the possible exception would be the very densely populated states like California).  Even a intra-country system where people in the US can only play other people in the US is a bad move in my opinion.  What definitely works are sites where people from anywhere in the world can sit down and play poker against each other.

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Prohibition on Online Gambling

I'm sure all of you are aware (you are aware aren't you) that a bill recently passed the House of Representatives banning online gambling. Ok, well, it doesn't actually ban all online gambling... Betting on horse, lotteries and fantasy sports is still Ok...

On July 11, 2006 the House passed HR4311 which provides a partial ban on online gambling. Exempted are horse betting, interstate lotteries and fantasy sports. The bill now moves on to the senate and if passed there will force banks to police electronic funding to prevent gambling funding and will force ISPs to block certain content, which is Ok because I wasn't feeling close enough to big brother on year 6 of the Bush administration.

Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker are promoting membership in the Poker Player's Alliance, a lobbying group to represent the interests of internet poker players. Howard Lederer recently joined their board, so they do have at least some thoughtful people behind them. Their t-shirts are fairly decent as well.

The big question on my mind with regard to this bill is "why is anyone behind it." For the morally superior who believe that gambling is bad, this bill has gaping holes to allow various forms of internet gambling to continue and of course a ban on internet gambling won't satisfy this bunch anyhow. Perhaps a ban on all gambling and sweet foods and women in bikinis and... well enough about the Middle East.

Personally I depend on internet poker for a portion of my income, but I also have the advantage of living in Southern California so I can go to the Commerce or Bicycle casinos (about 15 minutes away) and play live. A lot of people don't have that option and I think this skill based game of poker which has analogs in just about everything in life is a boon that should be promoted by our country--not prohibited.

If you play poker on the internet and would like to continue doing so I recommend contacting your state senators and letting them know how you feel. There are resources for doing that on the Poker Players Alliance link above.

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I know that this atmosphere of fear, which allows the bitter and frustrated people to come out of the woodwork and promote their vitriolic agendas under the guise of morality or patriotism, will end soon. I just wish "soon" would hurry up and get here.