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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back From Vacation

I took a couple months off poker in March and April of this year (which should account for the lack of new posts). Sometimes it is good to get away and it certainly was this time. When poker gets too grindy take a break.

UltimateBet's new player loyalty program RAI$E puts it solidly in the top couple spots of online poker player loyalty programs. 1 RAI$E point is earned for every hand that 1) sees a flop and 2) you contributed money to (VP$IP), so a similar rule to the way UltimatePoints were earned before. For each RAI$E point you earn you also earn one or more UltimatePoints depending on what level you are in the loyalty program. With 0-49 RAI$E points you get a single UltimatePoint, from 50-499 you get 2 UltimatePoints for every RAI$E point, from 500-2499 you get 3 UltimatePoints, from 2500-9999 you get 4 and 10,000 and over gets you 5 UltimatePoints for every raise point you earn.

The UltimatePoints store still exists and the prices in points are similar to what they were before this new program, so you can get items a lot quicker when you are at one of the higher loyalty levels. In addition on the top three levels (>499 points) you have the option of trading your points in for cash at the rate of .007 cents per point.

There are a lot of other features of the RAI$E program including auctions and even them paying you 9% APR on your poker balance at the highest RAI$E level (..!) Definitely check it out.