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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can dodge bullets, baby!

Sometime around about the fifth of the month I got the idea in my turtle brain to try to qualify for Full Tilt's "Iron Man", which involves getting 200+ Full Tilt Points at least 25 days out of the month. Naturally I picked the last possible moment to attempt this trick if I don't miss a single day. Compound that with not really having the bankroll to effectively multitable at a respectable ($3-$6+) limit and you've got the makings for a Saturday Night Live "Bad Idea Jeans" skit... ("Sure I don't have a condom, but when's the next time I'm going to be in Haiti?")

Up until now I've managed to stretch my meager bankroll at Full Tilt and earn the requisite points from the 5th through the 13th (and since the clock has rolled over midnight I am currently sitting at a $2-$4 table listening to hate-chat and grinding through points). They definitely call it iron man for a reason--even though getting 200 points is very easy to do in a single day it is quite the marathon to try to do it every single day of the month without exception.

Why you little @&#*@*&#*^@$^*@$#

With all these time at the Full Tilt tables it is very noticable that some of the players there can be some of the rudest folk at times. Of course that is why there is a mute option but it makes you think about how casually people say things on the internet that they would not try for a second in person and about something as silly as a $20 pot. Some people really do enjoy the humor of the rail hecklers, though, so to each his own. If you do run into someone who is chatting as an observer that you would like to mute you can right click on any chat line they've said and go to player notes for them, and then mute their individual chat. It's a great way to get the rest of the table hating them because you won't be responding (because you cannot hear them) and the railbird flamer will only be irritating everyone else.

I'll post at least one more update on how the Iron Man thing went this month, but in the mean time if you want to come heckle me you know where I'll be playing and what my turtle's name is...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!

Fairly recently the poker forum that was attached to http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/ got its own life and moved to http://www.lowlimitforum.com/. The folks there talk about Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and a lot of strange and random things. For the biggest forum contributors there are now badges to use for bragging on blogs and so on. Well what do you know here's a blog now :)

Join me at the Low Limit Poker Forum

Thursday, August 03, 2006


A few years ago I wrote an article on Low Limit Holdem called On Fish about reasons not to berate other players at the table. Since that time, with a lot more public exposure of professional poker players, a newer term is out, but the concept is the same: Don't call people donkeys! In fact, just read the On Fish article and replace "fish" with "donkey". Enough said about that.

The fastest improving cardroom right now has to be Full Tilt Poker. Even when they started they had a great interface, but now they've really taken it to a new level. Little touches like an "I'm Ready" button during tournament breaks/startups let you keep the action going if the other people at the table are ready instead of forcing everyone to stare at the screen for five minutes. Also, importantly, they now have a feature that autosaves hand history information to your hard drive for later analysis with programs like Poker Tracker. Finally the player population at Full Tilt is getting larger and larger thanks to their massive promotions online and on television. I've seen over 60,000 players online and right now, at midnight Eastern time, there are over 20,000 active players.

Low Limit Holdem is running a promotion during the month of August, 2006 giving away a lowlimitholdem.com Polo shirt to people who join Full Tilt and also a chance to win a Chipco poker chip set worth over $500. Information on that is here.

The other poker room that is giving Party Poker a run for its money is Poker Stars, perhaps from all the attention it gives from having back to back to back WSOP winners come from their site (and the current chipleader in the 2006 WSOP is also a Poker Stars player). I see 60,000+ users on both Poker Stars and Party Poker on a regular basis although I believe more of them are playing tournaments at Poker Stars than at Party.

The people on the Low Limit Poker Forum have created a series of weekly private tournaments at Full Tilt for fun. These are $5 + $0.50 events that are password protected (you can get the password on the Forum) and we're keeping a leaderboard. The top three at the end of the year may get something from the site (who knows?) but mainly it's just a chance to get together and play some poker. Feel free to join us!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stars and Stripes

Yesterday Heaven and took a trip up to Bell Gardens, California to play in the first event of the Bicycle Casino's Stars and Stripes tournament series (a middle tournament series with buy-in's ranging from $100 to $500 for each event). This particular event was $100+$25 (!) No Limit Holdem.

On the upside, everyone who registered got a free Stars and Stripes hat so it was really $100+$25-$7 or so as MellowYellow from the Low Limit Forum pointed out.

The blind increases at this tournament were every 30 minutes and all 429 players started with 1000 chips. Heaven busted early when her straight on the turn was beaten by a boat on the river. I lasted until about 60/429 but still out of the money.

Two interesting hands came up. In the first when the blinds were 25-50 I raised in late position to 200T with QsJs. The BB, who I had covered by about 500T reraised to 500T (about a third of his stack at the time) and I called. The flop came As Ks 5c (!) and the BB instantly went all-in. I thought about this for a while. The instant all-in seemed like a move he had planned before ever seeing the flop so it could mean pretty much any pocket pair and maybe a hand like AK. Some of these hands are monsters on this flop but I had at least 12 outs to win and more if he had a hand like 99 or less. On the other hand I'd be down to 500T if I lost. After about 30 seconds I called the all-in because even though it was a gamble, with the 1050 already in the pot + my >40% draw to the nuts I felt it was a good time to gamble and get a larger than average stack. We turned up our hands and it turns out he flopped a set with 55 so it was off to the race. A turn Q and river Q left me with losing trips and a tiny stack.

I had to make a few all-in moves after this with Ax and won or chopped them all and managed to build my stack a big -- enough to keep up with the blind increases for the most part when the final hand of the evening for me came up with blinds at 300-600 and 100 antes and seven players in the hand (the pot before any action was 1600). I had was in the SB with 2800 left and a stack smaller than me went all in. Another player right after him with a medium-large stack went all in and I looked at my cards and found 88. Now I'm looking for a spot to put my money in but of course calling my chips off after two people had gone all in before me. I thought about this hand for a little bit also, but my feeling was that the first person was desperate and they most likely had an Ax hand like A4o and I also felt the player that went all in after them knew that and had an Ace with a larger kicker or perhaps a medium or small pocket pair and wanted to shut out the rest of the actions and kill the blinds. If both players had an Ax hand my pocket 8's were looking pretty good. I called. Player one turned over A9o and player two turned over AJo so my call definitely was worth it and if I won the hand I'd be an average chip stack. Unfortunately the flop came 9KT and the turn came a Q killing my hand entirely as the AJ made the nut straight. Still I was happy enough with that play and enjoyed playing live for a change.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

So It Begins

In addition to the message forum at www.lowlimitforum.com, we are creating this blog to provide some dynamic content for our visitors.

This is the first post.