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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Late Justice for Clownie Gowan

onlinecasinospro.com is reporting that clonie has won the appeal to have her day in court vs. full tilt poker

clonie-gowenClonie (onlinecasinospro.com likes to caller her Connie) allegedly agreed to join Team Full Tilt in exchange for a 1% share of the company, then in 2007 refused a payment of $250,000 which full tilt says reflected her 1% share (let’s see 250k x 100 = 25 million dollars—Ok we see her point, what a ridiculous number for the value of the second largest online poker company).

She is suing for $40 million for breach of contract by the company she says is worth at least 4 billion.  Although that value may have gone down with the recent events in the online poker world it still is well above $25 million although going by the current cashflow you could argue they arent’ worth anything since so far they haven’t been able to make good on their $150 million obligation to US players.

Go get ‘em Cycalona!