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Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Tilt Poker Updates Status of US Player Withdrawals on Two Plus Two Forum

logo_fulltiltpokerThe short version is that they aren’t ready yet and there’s no set date for the next update. FTPDoug on the twoplustwo forum posted this update late Sunday May 15th (read the full version on twoplustwo here):

When are we getting our money back?

- Here's the official statement about where we currently stand on US withdrawals:

"Since April 15th and the days immediately following, Full Tilt Poker faced numerous challenges and hurdles to ensuring the smooth operation of its international business and the orderly return of US player funds. FTP has worked tirelessly to address these issues and has made significant progress on both fronts. 

FTP's international business operations are returning to normal while we focus on ensuring the safe and orderly return of US player deposits. We are absolutely committed to making sure that US players are refunded as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and the fact that we underestimated the time it would take to work through these issues. We will update our US players when we have more specific information to provide."

And what's going to happen with our points?

- We will be opening up the FTP Store to US players again. All of the details haven't been worked out yet, but this is how you will be able to use your points. It's expected that everything in the store will be available for purchase except for bonuses and tickets. We will be sure to keep everyone updated when we know more, including when the store will re-open.

Where we're at in terms of reconciling US player accounts:

  • All promos have been paid out. That includes Take 2, Tournament Leaderboards, Cash Back, and the FTOPS Satellite Challenge payments.
  • T$ and Ticket conversion has started, but is a slower process and will continue through next week.
  • Pending rakeback payments should also happen next week, but only after all of the store purchases that need to be refunded have been refunded.
  • Iron Man medals have been distributed for April's play. Iron Man freeroll tickets will be converted to medals before all medals are converted to FTPs.
Other answers for US players:

1. what bout my cashout on April 15th that obviously hasn't come AND has not been put back into my account?!

- All cashouts that were never received (or checks that were received but couldn't be deposited) should be placed back into your Full Tilt account this coming week.

2. Can there be an "opt-out" for the medals/points conversions? Since it looks like there won't be a forced cash-out for relocating players, can we just keep our accounts intact?

- There is no opt-out for the medals conversion, but we won't be forcing anyone to use their points if they'd prefer waiting until they can play again to use them.

3. what about FTP store purchases made prior to April 15th, but weren't sent out yet and put on hold. Are we going to get FTPs back for those or are you going to start sending those out soon?

- We are going to cancel and give the FTPs (or medals) back for any store purchases that have not yet shipped.

4. you tell us we'll get our pending rakeback, but what about reimbursement for rakeback hits for store items that haven't and won't come?

- We will make sure any MGR hit is reversed on any store shipments that have to be cancelled. This is one of the reasons the final rakeback payments were delayed.

5. if we final tabled a FTOPS or MiniFTOPS event in the last series, will people in the United States still receive the jacket that they are supposed to get?

- Yes, these will still be sent out.

6. Posting to make sure you don't forget about PMI Doug. Also an update on that would be nice as last week you said people were still working on it.

- We have confirmed that the recurring charge will not happen again. As far as we can tell it didn't happen in April, so that's a good sign. There is still an ongoing investigation into exactly what happened and how.

7. just noticed the "my promotions" page doesn't work either. not sure how they can get the academy, iron man stuff right without these pages functioning.

- I'm looking into this.

Answers for non-US players:

8. Moneybookers?

- Moneybookers has been turned back on for some countries. Once it's confirmed everything is flowing smoothly more countries will be added.


- There are no plans for this at the moment, sorry.

10. I think the tournament time shifts are definitely a good idea. However, you need to shift more than just a few of the majors. By shifting just these few tournaments it actually makes the tourney schedule considerably more inconvenient.

- What "normal" tournaments do you feel are missing from earlier times? Most US prime time tournaments have a Euro prime time equivalent already, so we didn't think shifting the entire schedule was necessary. If there are particular tournaments you think the Euro friendlier schedule is still missing, though, let us know and we can shift the later version or just add a new version of it at an earlier time.

11. Will this effect Iron Man freerolls as well

- Yeah, Iron Man freerolls will start a few hours earlier than they used to.

12. What’s going to happen to the Cash Back Bonus for those people who are planning to be in the US for the whole of the WSOP? Are FTP going to make a 1-time exception so we don't lose it?

- We'll figure something out to make sure you don't lose it.

13. I see the 150 seats to the WSOP has been removed. Are you planning on doing something like a 50 or 75 Gtd?

- No plans for that, no. The entire WSOP promotion has been scaled back, and that larger qualifier was one of the casualties.

14. Not sure if this has already been posted; but if you select this option [Auto-Close SNGs] & play a matrix, when 1 table closes the whole tourney shuts down?

- One of the small updates last week was to address this bug. It should work fine now, sorry about that.

15. Can you please give back some incentives for table starters

- I'll look into it again for sure.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PokerStars Starts Taking US Cash Outs, but Hey What About My VIP Player Points?

On Tuesday, April 26th PokerStars Starts Accepting US Player Cash Out Requests

True to its reputation they are the first online poker room to provide player cash outs.  I was able to sign into my account and cash out via Echeck (since I’ve used my checking account information before) with only a couple of clicks.  The big question now is what about the VIP points?  These can be worth a significant amount of money and I even know one player that has almost $20,000.00 worth of player points in their account.  We have a question into PokerStars and will report as soon as we have a reply on this issue.

No news so far from Full Tilt Poker on when they will allow US cash outs.  In fact I haven’t heard any official word from any of the poker pro’s from Full Tilt (beyond a couple of tweets berating UltimateBet from Tom Dwan and Daniel Negreanu), but that’s almost a daily par for the course DoJ poker raid or not.  I personally had a $600 cash out in progress at the time of the raid and Full Tilt still hasn’t even returned that money to my account.  That’s 3rd place performance out of 3 since UltimateBet and PokerStars both returned money at least to my player account.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Full Tilt Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary

Starting at five minutes after midnight tonight (Eastern time), Full Tilt Poker will be starting their 55 hour 5 year anniversary celebration.  All points earned during the 2+ day event will earn 5x Full Tilt points for all time spent at the tables.  Got your eye on some fancy new Full Tilt gear?  Now is the time to grind some poker (maybe clear your bonuses) and get a huge return on frequent player points.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


My lack of proper bankroll rusted my chances of iron man this month. The final stats from the Full Tilt website:

At least I made silver this month and will be able to participate in the silver freeroll... I will definitely be adding some more as I participate in this tiered freeroll. I am curious to see how many players there are on each level (bronze, silver, gold and iron) and what the level of competition is.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Iron Man vs The Exploding Full Tilt

Well here's the update. Since yesterday Full Tilt has been having problems and I do not mean little ones... Support over there said the following:

Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

At approximately 8:45 a.m. ET on February 17th, our website was taken down for unscheduled maintenance. We are currently reviewing the situation and expect to have the issue resolved shortly.

Although the website is currently down, the Full Tilt Poker software remains fully accessible. You should have no problem connecting to our servers and accessing all games and tournaments.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Well the unschedule maintenance continues to this moment and I'm still not exactly sure how many full tilt points I have accrued today. This is what their status screen says:

But that's as of about 8am this morning and I've played for at least an hour since then. I wrote support again early today but have not heard from them yet. I suppose this must be part of the Iron Man Test

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can dodge bullets, baby!

Sometime around about the fifth of the month I got the idea in my turtle brain to try to qualify for Full Tilt's "Iron Man", which involves getting 200+ Full Tilt Points at least 25 days out of the month. Naturally I picked the last possible moment to attempt this trick if I don't miss a single day. Compound that with not really having the bankroll to effectively multitable at a respectable ($3-$6+) limit and you've got the makings for a Saturday Night Live "Bad Idea Jeans" skit... ("Sure I don't have a condom, but when's the next time I'm going to be in Haiti?")

Up until now I've managed to stretch my meager bankroll at Full Tilt and earn the requisite points from the 5th through the 13th (and since the clock has rolled over midnight I am currently sitting at a $2-$4 table listening to hate-chat and grinding through points). They definitely call it iron man for a reason--even though getting 200 points is very easy to do in a single day it is quite the marathon to try to do it every single day of the month without exception.

Why you little @&#*@*&#*^@$^*@$#

With all these time at the Full Tilt tables it is very noticable that some of the players there can be some of the rudest folk at times. Of course that is why there is a mute option but it makes you think about how casually people say things on the internet that they would not try for a second in person and about something as silly as a $20 pot. Some people really do enjoy the humor of the rail hecklers, though, so to each his own. If you do run into someone who is chatting as an observer that you would like to mute you can right click on any chat line they've said and go to player notes for them, and then mute their individual chat. It's a great way to get the rest of the table hating them because you won't be responding (because you cannot hear them) and the railbird flamer will only be irritating everyone else.

I'll post at least one more update on how the Iron Man thing went this month, but in the mean time if you want to come heckle me you know where I'll be playing and what my turtle's name is...