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Friday, July 16, 2004

Low Limit No Limit Holdem

The big online game to play right now is no limit ring games which have spawned strategy sites like http://www.flopturnriver.com/ (a good place to visit if you want to play in these games). This is an exciting game with some very good profit potential if you are a good no limit player. Of course it's not so easy to become a good no limit player!

Right now what I see online are three types of people playing this game. First are the gamblers... instead of signing up for InterCasino and playing blackjack they want to gamble against other players. You'll see them throwing money around like crazy and playing an extremely aggressive variety of no limit poker. Next we have the newbies (no offense to them at all--we all were newbies at one point) who saw no limit play on TV most likely (maybe the WSOP or WPT or even Celebrity Poker). These people of course make a lot of mistakes because there's a big difference between playing a no limit game with $1-$2 blinds and playing at the final table of the WSOP. It's not uncommon for them to make big preflop moves on very marginal hands like AJ/55 that really want to see a flop. The last group are the experienced no limit players who are feeding off the first two groups.

These are just observations. I am not a good no limit player (although I can hold my own and have won a few small tournaments). It takes a lot of skills to play no limit because the mistakes are so costly. It also has the potential to be very profitable in the short run as people flock to these tables. There is a problem, though, and that is that the skilled players beat the weak players much faster in no limit and pot limit games than in any other sort of poker. This means that the supply of money into the games will eventually dry up (as they've dried up in the past at the brick and mortar cardrooms except in some special circumstances and except for now that the game has gotten so much new blood mainly from the WPT program on the Travel Channel).

Another thing to keep in mind: Ring no limit play is much different than tournament no limit play. In ring game you're looking to get involved in one or two big pots a night. In a tournament you aren't able to do that because of escalating blinds and have to start making moves. Hands like AK which can usually be put all-in in the later stages of a tournament are preflop suicide in a ring game.

So should you play this flavor of holdem? Well you can if you can build the right skills quickly there is still time to make some money before the money dries up. And when the money does dry up you can come back to limit holdem which will remain constantly popular among poker players of all skills precisely because sometimes the bad player can make a killing.