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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Face the Ace is the Worst Poker Show Ever

NUP_135837_0035Since the last poker explosion which I’ll give full credit to the World Poker Tour for creating, there have been a number of poker shows on TV.  Many of them weren’t very good (Celebrity Poker on Bravo anyone?) but none of them were as bad as this horrible piece of crap brought to you by the creative forces of Full Tilt poker and NBC.  The only show that comes close to the “What the hell were you thinking…” moments of this one was Ultimate Blackjack which I think lasted almost an entire episode.

Lets break it down…

  • The host, Steve Schirripa, seems to know next to nothing about poker.  What he does have is an acting role in “The Sopranos” for a little mafia flavor.  Yes, that’s just the image we were hoping for as the PPA lobbies congress to legalize online poker in the United States.
  • The contestants, as you might imagine, are nervous amateurs.  Well at least we won’t be relying on their conversation skills as the primary source of entertainment during the meat of each episode.  What?  Oh shit.
  • The structure has these nervous amateur contestants risking 100% of their previous winnings to play the next “Ace” from Full Tilt poker and the next big payday.  Win the first match in Face the Ace and get $40,000.  Win the second match get $200,000.  Win the third match and get $1,000,000.   Lose the third match (and spoiler alert THAT IS JUST WHAT HAPPENED ON EPISODE 2) and almost cry on TV and the days later probably kill yourself.  Brilliant NBC.

Where can I sign up?