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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cashing out to ewalletXpress from an online poker room

For poker players in the United States, one of the few reliable poker funding choices now is ewalletXpress.  You can fund your ewalletXpress account using your checking account which must first be validated using the usual method (they make a couple of small deposits in your checking account and you have to report the amounts of those deposits back to them, proving that you own the account).

Getting money into ewalletXpress is fairly straightforward and they even have an instant option for a nominal additional fee the funds will be available immediately so you can get playing without any delay.

When transferring out of your online poker account back into ewalletXpress, the ewalletXpress website claims:

Once the merchant has processed the transfer, the funds are immediately posted to your eWalletXpress account. An email will automatically be sent to you to confirm the transfer.

The reality is that after your merchant (your poker room) emails you and says your withdrawal is processed, then ewalletXpress will take some of its own time to process, so don’t expect your money to appear instantly (although it will usually appear with 24 hours.