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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Other Cardrooms, why can’t you do what PokerStars does?

I guess I’m not a ‘put all your eggs in one basket’ kind of guy, so I like playing poker live at a few different cardrooms and I also like playing online at a few places.  When I’m playing live here in Southern California at the Bike or Commerce I almost don’t care about the room I’m in as much as the particular game I’m playing.  After all I can only sit in one seat live and I don’t have to work about cashout timing (I’ve always been able to convert my chips to and from cash at the live cardrooms without issue and most importantly, immediately!)

Online it’s a different story.  The way the different cardrooms handle multi-tabling support (playing one more that one table at the same time), customer support, funding and cashing out all vary quite a bit, but in the online world there appears to be one constant.  PokerStars is best.  I might be able to find a better table (one with worse players) at UltimateBet or Full Tilt Poker but seemingly without fail of there’s a quality comparison between the cardrooms like which site is it easiest to multi-table 20 tables or which site has the best player loyalty program or which site has (by far!) the best customer service then the answer so far has always been PokerStars.  Naturally that’s one very good reason to play poker there and I definite do that, but I particularly want to do that exclusively so this is a shout out to the top cardrooms to get your collective acts together.  YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG and POKERSTARS IS DOING IT RIGHT.  This is especially true in the realm of customer support where PokerStars actually gets back to you with REAL INFORMATION and they do it FAST.  It’s also true in terms of software features to help people play more than one table at a time.  I’ve found that I can play at least double the number of tables comfortably that I can play on any other site.  Note to other sites:  COPY OR IMPROVE ON WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  Is there not enough money in online poker?  Can’t you afford it Full Tilt?  I know you can…  So DO IT.  Arrrg.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't tase me bro...

Have you heard about this? A University of Florida student was being especially loud and stubborn in his questions of Senator John Kerry and the police dragged him (while he continued to yell things like "What are you doing? Someone help me!" while no one helped me. Finally with four officers hold on we hear him say "Don't tase me bro, don't tase me bro!" which of course immediately led to repeated tasings... It sounds funny but the video is frightening... A full article is over on Wired Magazine

What's this have to do with poker? Well not much really, but some recent sessions could be described pretty well by the tagline "Don't tase me bro!"

The Low Limit sites are going through some changes and I'm spending a lot of time cleaning up the old and putting in some new.

http://www.lowlimitholdem.com/, http://www.lowlimitomaha.com/, and http://www.lowlimitstud.com/ all have some major changes in store, and the stud site will actually get its full share of real strategy content (what you wanted to know how to play??). In addition, the popular Low Limit Poker Forum is going to get a new home at the end of the month at http://www.lowlimitforum.com/ but for the moment it's still at www.lowlimitholdem.com/smf and we'll be redirecting old links to the new site so the transition should be pretty painless.

Here's to Fall '07 :)