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Friday, October 19, 2007

Absolutely the Worst Part 2

Two bits of news. First, Absolute Poker is now saying that an inside programmer "hacked the system" and was, in fact, able to see the hole cards in the tournament in question. The story is being carried on MSNBC here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21381022/. They have promised to "return all appropriate funds" to players and to possibly pursue a lawsuit or criminal charges against the employee in question.

To me this brings up a couple things. First, how can you return appropriate funds to players? The existence of this card-seeing cheater in the tournament totally invalidates the entire tournament. It's not good enough to simply bump everyone up one pay place and redistribute the money. Everyone who played in the tournament deserves at the very minimum a refund.

Next, what is this about pursuing criminal charges? Last time I checked it wasn't for companies to make that call. Criminal charges should be filed by the authorities with appropriate jurisdiction in this case and a complete investigation should be done into Absolute Poker to see what complicity existed in both this employee's access (if in fact the "geek" employee they mention was to blame) and in their total inability or unwillingness to come clean to an obvious case of cheating which only takes a very quick perusal of the hand history to see. Their initial statements in light of the statement today does not exactly make them look squeeky clean.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Absolutely the Worst

Unless you have been hiding under a tree lately you have heard about the recent scandal involving Absolute Poker. The condensed version is that a player named POTRIPPER won a large buy-in tournament at Absolute Poker by making essentially perfect play (the play you would make if you could see all hole cards) every hand for 126 hands in a row. This includes the most talked about hand where he called a massive all-in river bet with a ten high to beat a 9 high flush draw bluff.

Imagine a very skilled poker player who can, through observation, odds and so on, make plays that are perfect plays about 70% of the time. Over the various actions in a hand let's say that he can do an entire hand perfectly about half the time. To do 32 hands perfectly in a row for this skilled player would be about a 1 in 4 billion shot. To do 64 hands perfectly would be about a 16 QUADRILLION (16,000,000,000,000,000,000) to 1 shot. What this person did was about 250 followed by 36 0's to 1 or in short impossible. I have a far better chance of getting a foot massage from Jessica Alba, and believe me that's saying something.

To compound this issue, Absolute is not being very forthright regarding the situation and their reputation may now be permanently marred.

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