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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bicycle Club Legends of Poker Schedule Week 1

The first week of the legends of poker is almost upon us, so if you are in the Southern California area come on down and play in some of these events at the Bicycle Club Casino.




7/28 3:00pm Casino Employee NLHE $100+$20
7/29 3:00pm Media Event NLHE $0
7/29 4-6pm Legends of Poker Cocktail Party  
7/29 7:00pm Legends of Poker Event Center Grand Opening NLHE $300+$35
7/30 3:00pm NLHE $300+$35
7/31 3:00pm NLHE Day 1A $300+$35
8/1 3:00pm NLHE Day 1B $300+$35
8/2 1:00pm Lips Tour NLHE $300+$40
8/2 7:00pm Limit Holdem $300+$35

Friday, July 03, 2009

Proofread Much?

The Bicycle Club casino here in Southern California has announced the grand opening of their Legends of Poker Event Center and are celebrating it with a tournament.  Here’s the announcement they sent:


$300 +$35 = $330?

$1,000 for $5 Bonus Chips (seems a bit steep!)

In any event if you’re in town come join this tournament.  I think I will be taking a stab at it but I may have to forgo the $5 bonus chips.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

WPT Legends of Poker

I got to watch a bit of the final day (before the final six tomorrow) action of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event at the Bicycle Club casino in Bell Gardens, California.

I wasn't there to play--at least not to play in the $5000 event--more as moral support for my significant other (SS) who was participating in the Ladie's Poker Party (first place would win a spot on the WPT Ladies Invitational event which is filming September 1st).

Before she went in to start her tournament we spotted Clonie Gowen and Evelyn Ng milling about and I was almost run over by Shana Hiatt and a small group moving with her (she would also be playing in the ladies event). Access to the final few tables of the WPT main event was suprisingly easy to get and I was able to watch Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon play a few hands from my vantage. I didn't get to see any huge deciding pots or exciting races but I did get to see a lot of pots won without anyone ever showing a hand. Now that's good poker.

Pokerwise I did put in some obligatory time in the 3-6 holdem game and ended up a 10 big bet loser (the deciding hand was when my AA was cracked by 88 on the turn when his third 8 miraculously appeared) after three hours when SS was eliminated during the 5th blind escalation from her tournament when her all in with TT vs another player with 77 ended in tragedy when the person in question hit a 7 on the turn. She did pretty well and felt she was playing well the whole tournament and managed to eliminate Kathy Liebert with her JJ vs KL's 77.

I can definitely see the lure that the WPT has brought to poker. The air of the poker room was charged with excitement and it was pretty neat to be surrounded by celebrities (even if they are "just" poker celebrities). If you get a chance to participate in a WPT event (or even just railbird one for a little while) I highly recommend it.