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Friday, December 31, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

I've never gone and setup Camtasia Sad i was planning on making a 24 tabling vid AGES ago and just never did.

Hell maybe i should try and stop when i'm only about 5 vpps away and we can play on the same table? 

Only problem is, it wouldn't be that dramatic as it wont change from Red to black stars on the table SadI'd have to leave and come back.  So hmm might be a bit anti climatic.

Anyway I am closing in on being under 10,000 to go!  probably another 20 minutes or so.  It's getting awful close now.  I just switched back to 100nl from 200nl tho.  I've been running REALLY well in terms of EV at 200 but really terrible in terms of cards, I keep running into AA or KK when I have Queens and AK and a lot of the times when i keep going after the fish they will river some gutshot or something and get it allin, so my ev is like below 500 today but I'm actually UP about 500 at 200nl today, So after just having a big up and downswing of $400 in about 10 minutes coupled with the fact that I'm only getting .32 vpps/hand at 200nl today (WTF!) I decided to move back to 100.

Why risk double the money vs. better opponents for only 20% more vpps?

This last week or 2 has gone pretty well.. I think with today I will be running good through the past 10 days but even before today despite running a bit below ev most days I had been turning an average of about $200 or so profit per day with a few small losing days mixed in (though Poker Table Ratings doesn't agree for some reason).

I tried to make a worst case estimation of what my BR would be like once I ended the year about 2 weeks ago.  I figured at worst I might lose another 2k, i figured even with this once i got my SNE bonus packages and all I'd still have an ok amount to start grinding next year on my own without having to get any backing (or more accurately a loan with guaranteed payback, since Im not going to get staked when Im already SNE) but so far I've actually profited close to 1k and Im now only 2 full days away, so unless I have the 2 consecutive worst days of 100nl I should be well ahead of my projection and feeling pretty safe starting out the year with my BR.

I hope I can at least break even the next 2 days, it would be nice to have one of my 'worst case' scenarios not come true since they usually nearly have been lately Smile

December 24, 2010

NO!!!!  Epic Fail.   I had .94 to go,

I went to a .5/.10 table HU and the first hand I flopped the nut flush and the guy bet into me, I figured about .33 rake would be all i needed, the damn guy jammed on me on the river and I called and it jumped from .13 rake to .39 or so and pushed me over !!! arrrgh LOL i was trying to get to 999,999.99
Damn that donk, what the hell lol


The black stars Very Happy

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

Ive never gone and setup Camtasia Sad i was planning on making a 24 tabling vid AGES ago and just never did.

Hell maybe i should try and stop when I'm only about 5 vpps away and we can play on the same table?  Only problem is, it wouldn't be that dramatic as it wont change from Red to black stars on the table SadI'd have to leave and come back.  So hmm might be a bit anti climatic.

Anyway I am closing in on being under 10,000 to go!  probably another 20 minutes or so.  It's getting awful close now.  I just switched back to 100nl from 200nl tho.  I've been running REALLY well in terms of EV at 200 but really terrible in terms of cards, I keep running into AA or KK when I have Queens and AK and a lot of the times when i keep going after the fish they will river some gutshot or something and get it all-in, so my ev is like below 500 today but I'm actually UP about 500 at 200nl today, So after just having a big up and downswing of $400 in about 10 minutes coupled with the fact that I'm only getting .32 vpps/hand at 200nl today (WTF!) I decided to move back to 100.

Why risk double the money vs. better opponents for only 20% more vpps?

This last week or 2 has gone pretty well.. I think with today I will be running good through the past 10 days but even before today despite running a bit below ev most days I had been turning an average of about $200 or so profit per day with a few small losing days mixed in (though Poker Table Ratings doesnt agree for some reason).

I tried to make a worst case estimation of what my BR would be like once I ended the year about 2 weeks ago.  I figured at worst I might lose another 2k, i figured even with this once i got my SNE bonus packages and all I'd still have an ok amount to start grinding next year on my own without having to get any backing (or more accurately a loan with guaranteed payback, since Im not going to get staked when Im already SNE) but so far I've actually profited close to 1k and Im now only 2 full days away, so unless I have the 2 consecutive worst days of 100nl I should be well ahead of my projection and feeling pretty safe starting out the year with my BR.

I hope I can at least break even the next 2 days, it would be nice to have one of my 'worst case' scenarios not come true since they usually nearly have been lately Smile

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010

Yeah fpp pro is some site that breaks down being an fpp pro on PokerStars I guess. I've only just gone there once or twice, but it keeps a running total of what 'on pace' is for the day based on getting 1 million by years end.  So it breaks down to a little under 3k/day and it figures it out.  I finally caught up to pace again.

I've got a few more days under my belt, played some more 6max and again had bad results.  I just cant seem to keep it going good for more than an hour or 2.  The last session I played of it I was running just over BE maybe a buyin or 2, then suddenly through either coincidence, lack of focus or just overriding skill over coming variance I started to tank again.  Finished the session down almost 400, and decided that I just can't let myself play it anymore this year unless i want to use it for a final push to hurry up and get this thing, but not in my daily grinds anymore.  I was up quite a bit at 100nl before and then after that tho so it ended up being an ok day.

Then unfortunately, yesterday was football, so of course I ended up getting drunk and not playing much Smile and I stayed the night at my sister in laws house so I didn't get home to start playing til like 4pm or something like that.  I've been grinding almost nonstop though since I got here and was playing some 200nl FR with actually some really good results, I ran good AND had good ev, after today I decided to look back over my results for the last week, and even with the tanks at 200nl 6max I'm actually ahead this week for the first time in a LONG time (probably since doing this damn 14 hour day stuff)  So since I played a lot of 200nl I actually am looking like I'm going to be pretty close to getting my 5k for the day, I'll probably start tomorrow with 979k (4 days left)

Though I'm thinking about trying to play a lot more the next few days and see if I can get done early.  If I can handle 200nl I will probably try to get done in 3 days, but if I end up getting smoked like before then I will just drop back to 100 and finish in 4, either way... it's getting SUPER close Yo!

Yeah if anything I'm taking a few days extra off next year, I'm still not sure when I'm going to be flying back home, but i THINK before new years, in which case i plan on spending a few days at my mom and dad's house, both in WA state so obv no poker.  If I get a little bit of a late start I'm not that worried about it I'm planning on getting about 26k/week or so which is only 5k/day 5 days a week.  In the beginning when the weather still sucks I probably wont have a lot to do in Jan and Feb anyway so if I get a bit of a slow start I will probably be able to catch up anyway since I will probably still play 6 days a week when I'm just sitting around bored.

It is pretty surprising how many people procrastinate to the end like this.  I would have been done ages ago if I didn't decide to move down to 100nl, but some of these other guys just really surprise me.  My backer made it on about Dec 30th or so last year even after getting the 100k vpp bonus for playing in the WSOP from stars, and he is again going to be finishing on about Dec 27th or so and that's with him playing 200 - 600nl every day right now for 6k/month he entered Dec with about 860 or so vpps.  Then another guy on 2+2 megafossil is a mass multitabling DoN player, he entered this month needing over 200k vpps and he is now getting over 10k/day playing tons of DoNs for 13 hours a day, when I see that he is capable of getting this many vpps/hour and /day I wonder how he could get himself so far behind.  It's pretty amazing to me how strong the human will to procrastinate is.

December 22, 2010

Finishing up right now and going to have 15k remaining.  I had a super tough time sleeping last night, didn't go to bed til 5:15 or so and woke up a lot starting at about 8:30 or so, I was having those weird kind of cracked out dreams where you keep waking up but not really, really unrestful sleep. Anyway I think I dreamt about 6 different times that I had made SNE. I think it was the first time it sank in that I really should get this.

I think in the back of my mind I keep thinking something weird will happen that will stop me from making it, and until having some strange dreams that I was already SNE I don't think I ever really had gotten excited before.  I'm pretty excited to see those black stars!  Almost there fellas!

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Monday, December 27, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

I wrote a fairly lengthy update 2 days ago on a plane but somehow it didn't update, maybe I closed the computer right after hitting post and didn't give it time.

Anyway I finally broke 900,000 about 2 hours into my session this morning.  Definitely a few days behind where I was hoping for.

It was crazy how bad my luck was while in Indiana for thanksgiving.  I stayed between 3 places:

My Step son's house, with the normal Comcast high-speed cable internet

My sister in laws house (the one featured on MTV cribs I think i posted about) that has super fast internet.

My Mother in laws house with an AT&T cable speed internet

I got some really short sessions in before Thanksgiving which was a bit of a bonus since I wasn't really planning on that, then we stayed 3 days at my Sister in laws.  Despite them having something superior than cable and her having played on PokerStars a ton and me having played on PokerStars from her house before several months ago, for some reason, whenever I connected to PokerStars it would only work for about 1 - 2 minutes than lag for about 10, it was insane and the worst lag I had ever seen, and this was whether i was on wireless OR directly plugged in.  And while it was getting zero connection i could browse at super fast speeds etc, it just made no sense.  So i lost 3 days there.

Then we stayed at my mother in laws house again for the 2nd time, and once again it worked fine, unfortunately we weren't there that long so I got another shorter session in.

Then the last day we were off to my step son's house..  I slept in pretty late before we went so I was FINALLY well rested ( i was having trouble sleeping the whole trip) and was all ready to stay up late and play the last day.  We get there, I'm watching my son play x-box for a few minutes when suddenly he gets disconnected from Xbox live, I go down stairs and his dad and grandpa are watching TV when it goes out... it was at that time we realized their Comcast TV AND internet was down, and they called and determined they had to get a technician out TOMORROW to fix it... And low and behold I couldn't sleep til after 6am with NO way to play... Sad

So I came back with a lot less logged than I had hoped for.  Stayed a day or so in Seattle and now I'm back home.  The only thing is my sister in law offered us(me and Poe) a side job we couldn't refuse but it will take about 3 weeks.  So now on Sunday she is flying us BACK to Indy where we'll be staying til almost new years.

So I have today and 2 more days to grind Vpps, I was hoping to just play ALL 3 days from start to finish as I knew it would be hell but I would be glad to have gotten it done, I'm still doing it, but was hoping to get about 7k vpps/day.  However todays vpp rate has been bad so it looks like only 6k again Sad

Oh well at least at this point I figure the absolute WORST I could go to Indy with even if I get a bit lazy is 915,000 and then that will leave me 17 days at 5k or less if I can get more vpps, so hopefully still on pace to get done before xmas.  We shall see, it's been slow going, if I hadn't gone to Indy for thanksgiving I probably would have about 940,000 or so by now, but it happens, at least I am STILL on pace to be able to make it only playing 100nl FR (yes I went back to FR even though I was really enjoying 6max and felt i was playing good, I kept having terrible sessions and running into what I felt was the top of my opponents ranges over and over and getting smoked so Im more or less just staying at 100 until the end of the year, or maybe til I get real close and just want to get it over with.

but... anyway whining aside, 900k and beyond, next milestone... is IT... SNE!

GL all.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit—November 6, 2010

November 6, 2010

Well as I said in a different part of the forum, PokerStars had some glitches where you could actually play more than 24 tables at once.  I was hoping it was a trial run, but I dont think it was... From what I've heard since...

I kept going because I knew this was a pretty good opportunity for vpps.  I managed to get up to as many as 32 tables.  So I kept playing until I got 7,200 vpps.  This is by far the most I've ever gotten in one day and at only 100nl, I've never even gotten this many playing 200nl but I did put in a really long day.
I guess what happened was a few tables were messed up and didn't count toward your 24 tables, so I managed to find 8 broken ones, it seemed most of them were at 100nl.  They mixed it the next day, I was at 27 for a little while, but they would slowly close the tables for maintenance so I eventually whittled back down 24.  Oh well it was awesome while it lasted, great getting about 500 - 550 vpps at 100nl.

The day was getting so long that I ended up having a few drinks after about 8 or 9 hours straight.  I was getting really bored and sick of playing obviously but after I got a little buzzed I didn't hardly notice.  I just kept going and going.  It's actually what I've been doing the last day or 2, it works pretty well.  And honestly all 3 days in a row, I've gone on pretty good upswings while slightly drunk... or heavily buzzed whichever u want to classify it as Smile

November 19, 2010

Another long day, i took a break in the middle of the day and it made for a VERY long night.
Im still having back and forth sessions.  We have been tweaking our strategy so much lately sometimes it's hard to know what is and isnt working, but it certainly seems to be working well for my backer atm. He's on a 9 day winning streak at 1/2 2/4 and 3/6 short stacking and rat-holing and winning good chunks of cash.

I've been working on the same strat and our stats suggest it is close but somehow I don't seem to have nearly the success he is.  I have been having SLIGHTLY better results though but not good enough imo.
Anyway tho, I hit my 6k again today and even with some delays and slow downs here and there for various reasons, I'm at 877k  I am going to take a quick 4 - 5 hour sleep and get back at it, and then also Saturday.  So that will take me to 889, I'm trying to get to 890 before leaving for thanksgiving for 8 days, and hopefully getting in some hours hear and there while on the trip so when I come back Dec 1st, I'll only have 100k left and can wrap it up in around 3 weeks.

So although things aren't going GREAT, it seems like they are certainly going well enough to where I should be making this, and my backer is doing Really well so there is still hope that I can keep improving and get a bit better myself.  I would love to go back to 200nl and get my 6k vpps in only 10 - 11 hours, but every time I go I seem to just get crushed whether bad luck, bad play or coolers, but I'm just sick of the -$600 hours so I don't know if I'll be going back anytime soon, it's just less stressful putting in longer days, and unfortunately I'm pretty used to it by now Smile

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Well, today marks the end of October, also known as my worst month to date...

However, I also got the most VPPs ever which is pretty cool since I couldn't even start playing in the beginning and had to drive to Las Vegas, spend 3 nights in a room at the Rio, then go to a rental house for 8, THEN fly back home, pack up all my belongings in my house and drive to my new place back and forth, get setup and THEN play poker.

Anyway as the month ends, so too does my stay at 700,000  I hit 800,000 tonight at about 10:15pm
I got about 110,000 this month, and just need to get 100k in each of the two following months.
It's getting awful close now.

And also, another bright point, I had lost so much early on at 200nl that I thought I had definitely lost money this month, but then I decided to figure out exactly how much my vpps are worth overall.
If you take the total amount of vpps one earns starting the year as Super Nova and going to SNE, u get 3,500,000 fpps. (3.5 x 1 million)

Then subtract the amount u spend on milestones (400,000 for 8 milestones) and u have 3,100,000  / 250,000 (for the 4k bonus) = 12.4  * 4k = 49,600

Plus the value of the milestones including the 1k stellar rewards = 30,800  +18,000 for choosing cash over tournament options once achieving SNE = 98,400  / 1 million = $0.0984 per vpp.
So my 110,000 vpps were worth $10,824... Turns out my worst month ever was still pretty decent... and just like that, my motivation and outlook on the grind is back up.

Also coupled with the fact that once I stopped playing 200nl my win/loss rate came MUCH closer to breaking even and hopefully with a little bit more home work will continue to improve... I honestly think part of it is not paying off people quite as much, i know that might seem a bit dumb from a short stacker, but lately I've found myself in lots of situations where I'm raised with TPGK type hands and I KNOW im beat but feel i have to call and find myself losing a TON.  I know overall its more about what equity I had and how much of my stack was committed etc., but I still think i do this far too much overall, though I havent filtered to check for sure, it's just a hunch.

Anyway damn this got way too long... my apologies.. Just meant to say... Yea! 800k!

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

Wow.. i certainly didn't think the biggest TEST would be almost 10 full months into this.  After getting a system going 3 or 4 months in I thought I pretty much had it all wrapped up.

However as I've been saying this month has just been insanely brutal, and not just for me either, my backer AND the other 2 guys also being staked for this are all 4 just getting crushed and it is at least 3 of the 4 of our worsts months, 1 guy Im not sure about because he has been tanking pretty consistently.
It's just nuts how we are all losing right now.  So today for example I put in a TON of hours I think around 14 or 15.  Pretty much felt like all I did all day long was play poker.. and of course lost a bit.

For the 5th day in a row at 1/2 I played for 3 hours was up in cash and ev then the last hour EV plummeted $500 luckily my cash actually held and i finished at +$8 despite the ugly EV.

It's just so weird how often this pattern repeats itself its very annoying and frustrating.

So I switched to 100nl, what I've been thinking of my sanctuary this month when things at 200 have been going so bad... unfortunately I had a few portions of my section here and there where I just went on very long no winning hand stretches so I actually finished down about 200 EV and cash in that as well...  And the VERY first thing I did this morning was load up some 50NL tables... but that was a bit of a joke, I had set over set, and full house beaten by a royal flush in the first 15 minutes lol.. I ended up only playing 30 minutes and lost 200 there as well, but I HAD to quit, even though I played 100nl 6max 20 - 24 tables about a month and half ago, it just seemed WAY too fast, I guess I would have to build back up to it, so that is definitely out for now...

So the problem seems to be.. if I want to keep getting these 6,000 vpps/day which I do... I'm going to have to keep putting in massive 15+ hour days since my BR is so low I don't want to risk playing anymore 200nl AND I think my backer is too low to ship me more... in a way I should probably get some kind of refund from paying him 50% if I can't get anymore backing but I dunno I'll worry about that later, but to be totally honest a part of me doesn't want to play anymore damn 200nl I've been having such terrible results.

So yeah somehow here we are 10 months into it and my loss rate at the tables just continues to build with every day its pretty insane how things can change so much after playing over 1 million hands.  I guess I got a VERY long last 2 months ahead of me if this is what I'm going to be doing for them uggggh.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Watch the Video?

From the most recent Full Tilt pro advice newsletter…

12-23-2010 11-06-16 PM

Friday, December 17, 2010

Reid Poker Bill With 15 Month Blackout All But Dead, Thank God

I mentioned earlier that the PPA has been limply caving to “blackout” periods in the legalization of online poker (a misnomer because online poker isn’t explicitly illegal in the first place).  These blackout periods would cause all the major online poker rooms to leave the US market for up to 15 months.  The Reid poker bill was the one garnishing the most recent attention and with the most possibility of actually happening but thankfully it did not happen: 

On Thursday morning, John Pappas told Poker News Daily that the bill introduced by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) legalizing and regulating online poker is all but dead. A move to add the bill’s language to the tax relief act currently being debated in Congress failed to come to fruition.

Pappas told Poker News Daily that a highly charged debate over the tax measure was largely to blame: “When the tax package fell through and things became much more political for it – not related to our bill – it became clear that another controversial addition to the tax bill could sink it.” Reid’s bill would have opened the online poker market in the United States to current operators like Caesars Entertainment, which owns the rights to the annual World Series of Poker.

Reid struck a deal with Republicans on the contents of the tax relief act, which perhaps closed the door to other bills being added.

Now what? With the Republican Party taking control of the House of Representatives in 2011, pro-internet gambling allies like Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) may take a back seat. Frank, whose HR 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, garnered 70 co-sponsors and sailed through the House Financial Services Committee in July, will likely lose his post as Chairman. In his stead could be staunch internet gambling opponent Spencer Bachus (R-AL), whom the PPA graded an “F” in its Congressional Ratings Guide.

Looking ahead to 2011, Pappas told Poker News Daily, “The online poker bill that was floating around needs some improvement, so the PPA wants to go back to Senator Reid and talk about how we can improve on his current draft. There’s going to be a renewed focus in the Senate and we’ll be taking some of the legislation in a different direction so that’s it not focused on the Financial Service Committee, where we have a known opponent.”

Two years ago, Bachus, the current Ranking Member of the committee, erroneously quoted a study from McGill University linking internet gambling to suicide. The Alabama lawmaker asserted in a June 2008 hearing, “McGill University found that one-third – one-third – of college students who gambled on the internet ultimately attempted suicide. That is why the rate of suicide on our college campuses has doubled in the last ten years.” In fact, no such study had ever taken place.

On Wednesday night, ESPN.com published an article declaring Reid’s bill dead. Pappas told the Connecticut-based news outlet, “Sadly, some politicians remain with their heads firmly in the sand. The leadership of the Poker Players Alliance got the debate this far and we are determined to see this through.” The Hill reported that the ongoing lame duck session on Capitol Hill is scheduled to end on Friday, although reports during the week have surfaced that lawmakers may remain in Washington, DC until close to Christmas.

Last weekend, adding language legalizing and regulating online poker to a must-pass omnibus spending bill appeared to be a possibility according to Bloomberg, but Pappas explained that adding another earmark to would “make things more complicated.” The Senate approved the tax relief bill on Wednesday, with the House potentially set to follow suit this afternoon.

Pappas was scheduled to tape a segment about the online poker bill with Bloomberg. Pappas will speak on behalf of the 1.2 million member strong lobbying group that has become the main voice for poker players in the United States. Four years ago, the PPA stood at just 50,000 members.

Reid’s bill won’t officially be dead until the clock strikes Midnight on the 111th Congress. Pappas concluded with a silver lining: “We always knew we had a chance to pass legislation during the lame duck session, but it fell short. But, I think there’s significant momentum going forward. We’ve done a good job of convincing lawmakers that the status quo isn’t acceptable.”

Source: Poker News Daily

Friday, December 10, 2010

In General I Like the PPA but COME ON…

Yesterday the Poker Players Alliance www.theppa.org sent out an email talking about the chances that a poker licensing bill or “legalization” bill would pass during the lame duck session of congress.  One bill that is attracting a lot of attention on the www.twoplustwo.com forums is by Senator Reid (a known opponent of online gambling).  In it he includes a 15 month blackout period which means that all the major online poker rooms would be forbidden from servicing the United States for 15 months.  Yes, not a great deal if you depend on online poker for your income!

The PPA said this:

Let me assure you that we have heard and strongly considered the concerns a number of our online poker playing members have raised, specifically regarding the 15 month "blackout period" contained in the draft bills that have circulated in recent days.  The blackout period means that upon enactment of the proposed internet poker law there would be fifteen months where NO licensed Internet poker would be available to U.S. players.  In all likelihood, some of the web sites where you currently play would leave the market so they can go through the process of obtaining a U.S. license and then re-enter the market after the 15 month blackout period.  

Which I found pretty offensive.  After all, why does the PPA event exist if its job is just to pay lip service and then essentially let the chips fall where they may? 

I wrote them an email and it is my sincere hope that you write them one too… Here’s mine:

I received the most recent PPA update including Reid’s bill which would put a 15 month blackout on online poker in the United States.  From your email earlier today:

Frankly, the proposed blackout period is absurd and the PPA opposes it. And we have fought – and continue to fight – tooth and nail against it. But it is a reality. There will likely be a blackout period of some length included in any legislation that is passed, whether it is in this Congress or future Congresses. Our opponents have been throwing their weight around to get a lengthy blackout period included and, unfortunately, I fear they are winning.

That sure  sounds like an organization  that ISN’T really going to fight such a horrible and devastating clause especially for people currently involved with internet poker (especially AFFILIATES of advertisers of online cardrooms as well as those poker players who provide their sole income from internet poker).  For myself an affiliate AND a poker player a 100% blackout of the major sites like Full Tilt, PokerStars and UB.com would financially destroy me.

I hope the PPA does more than play LIP SERVICE to this and fight hard against blackout periods, etc. for internet poker sites.  Whatever goal the blackout period is attempting to achieve can probably be achieved through some other method so let’s get out there and put alternatives on the table.

Kelly Stanonik


Licensing can happen without a blackout period and I have yet to hear one legitimate reason for a blackout period except to punish cardrooms that currently service the United States, even though we do not have a clear internet gambling law. That includes the UIGEA which doesn’t make it illegal for citizens to play and only passed because it was tagged to a critical bill.

My best advice is to join the Poker Players Alliance and then make your voice heard to them that you want legal licensed online poker here NOW without conditions or punishments.


Monday, December 06, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Yeah... well here is where I'm at currently in the SNE quest:

Ever since the Full Tilt change and getting closer to the end of the year the 200nl tables have been MUCH tougher... the short stacking ones anyway.  I've looked up a lot of the regs and a fair amount seem to be taking some spills like me as well.  So what I've been doing is switching up playing some 100nl FR and 200nl FR.

100nl is so insanely easier, it's SO standard at 200nl u just hardly ever see anything but AK and QQ+ going all-in other than later position battles and people just don't stack off easy post flop at ALL if they call once, you're usually done.  it just feels like we're all passing money around and giving PokerStars their cut every hand and just hoping to be the one that runs good.

At 100nl people call shoves with T8o and stack off with mid pair ALL day.  I've been playing long sessions of 200nl in the morning when I'm more fresh than playing long sessions of 100nl barley paying attention while watching TV or doing whatever and I've been doing fine at it it's so much easier.
The problem is I let myself get a bit behind AND i have a 10 day vacation in November to where I really want to get 6,000 per day until my vacation so that in December I wont have over 100,000 vpps left to get and it will be easy.

At 200nl it's 600 vpps/hour, but at 100nl it averages 400 vpps/hour.

So obviously I'm not going to do 16 hours a day at 100nl, AND i feel like I've sold my soul because I was working on fullstacking for a while but then felt like I should stop and just grind vpps because I had gotten so far behind. Well now that 200nl has been just destroying me I think I'm going to try and go back to playing some 6max and work on my fullstacking again for part of the day since 6max gets more vpps and STILL end the day on long 100nl FR short stacking since I can do it with such little attention necessary.
This way I'll get a little better vpps, and actually feel like I'm trying to get better at a game style that I hope to ultimately play and not just spewing at 200nl at a game I don't want to keep playing forever.
Hopefully I can keep it up, so far I've gotten 6,000 vpps every single day I've been at my new place except Sundays, my one day off per week.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010—October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010


Well it's gotten pretty ugly the last few days.

I got my 6k vpps yesterday and am close to getting it for today, but unfortunately I've just been getting absolutely smashed.

Yesterday I was -$90 EV  but in cash I was -$950.  Then today I fire up and again instantly start running way under EV, I was up in EV as much as 400, though my cash was down several hundred during this time, then after the first 4.5 hours of never being worse than +200 ev,  the last hour and a half I literally lost every hand.  I might has well played face up.  My Ev plummeted to -400 and my cash tanked from -$200 to -$950.

So basically I'm looking to probably lose over 2k in 2 days.  And what is really frustrating about today is my EV totally blows.  The hands were just insane, if a card paired, they had it, they'd spike their set on the turn to beat my Kings etc.  And as always we always got it in AFTER they hit, it was just brutal.
I'm definitely feeling more stressed and confused about what to do now than I have in a while.  I'm not sure what suddenly changed today, but hopefully this running bad will stop, I'm -$1,600 below EV in the last 40 hours Sad

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010–October 15th, 2010

October 15th, 2010

Well the Grind continues, I've gotten lots of work done down here so far.  My winrate is certainly not what I would have hoped for.

I think the tables are a bit tighter still and it doesn't seem like I'm running into many fish.  Or at least people that are worse in skill than me to the point that I know how to exploit their play.

I'm not getting so creamed it's not profitable or I'm going to have to quit or whatever but hopefully I will figure out some mistakes I am making to tighten up my game.  I have been going through my databases and those of some people that are doing better, so far I'm not finding anything hugely different so maybe I just need to get better at when to value bet or get away from my hands.  These tables have gotten so tight and reg infested, even with a short stack it seems like if you get your cbet called they always have better than 1 pair.

Anyway the vpps are bad at times and good at times but so far it's bearable.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010–October 9th, 2010

October 9th, 2010

I guess the difference here is, if I say I play for 8 hours, it seems like ok no big deal an 8 hour day.  But unless I play straight through 8 solid hours, which I very rarely do then I have to take a few breaks and it makes my 8 hour day stretch to 10 or so, every other job has breaks that still count toward their 8 hour day, but if you aren't actually playing it doesn't count so it can be a lot tougher than it seems.  And then of course with all the massive frustration that comes with NOT being a bad ass at the tables and winning 3/4 days or something it does get a bit tough at times.

A few months back, maybe back in April or so, I was doing my thing having a pretty good run and I was coming up on a spot where I was about to clear my 4k bonus AND at the same time hit a milestone to buy so my account was about to be gorged with over 8,000 in bonuses AND I had been making some money at the tables.

The day before I cleared it I lost $3,000.  For no real reason at all.   I was playing the same game, same style, same opponents, but for whatever reason I lost every race, every all-in with AK vs. KQ on a Kxx flop etc.  It just came out of nowhere I was all excited to finally get ahead get my backer his money and get a padding and then BAM basically all my bonus gone in a single day.  There have definitely been some frustrating parts, but honestly more so than even the -3k day the most frustrating is when I make tweaks to my game, win for 3 - 4 days straight, come up about 2 - 3k and then just like magic, I quit the day up a lot, wake up the next day and INSTANTLY start to lose and continue to lose for the next week straight.

There have been at least 4  or 5 times this year where I really thought I had turned the corner and had figured out some leaks, only to end up losing a ton of money a few days later.  That is what really frustrates me is constantly having poker trick me saying "you did it, 6 months of nonstop play and thinking about the game when u go to sleep analyzing stats, you finally figured it out.. then the next day... NOPE, tricked you you still suck, in fact you suck worse than you did a week ago because u suddenly just lost 3,000 in 3 days, and u never used to do that did you?  Haha you're screwed, you're going to lose 1k per day and bury yourself gg your life!"

That's when it really gets to you.  Anyway I'm over 700k now, played 11 hours yesterday and am looking to get in at least 11 hours today.  My buddy had to go to the strip yesterday to meet with some friends flying in, he just showed up at 9:00am banging on the door because for some reason he forgot to take the house keys and I didn't go to bed til about 4:30 so this could be ugly hopefully i can take a nap later today but that's not really my style.

Living off the strip in this house is SO much better than being in a hotel casino cuz it's so tempting to go downstairs its nice being a good 30 minutes or so from the strip so I can just hang out here and play.
Anyway after my 2 week stay here we should have a place lined up in Portland, OR I actually arranged to get the internet setup already even without having the lease signed just so that way we KNOW we will get it on time cuz I don't want any more down time than necessary.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – September 30, 2010

September 30th, 2010

Very legit.

It has been illegal here in my state for quite some time, but this was thought to be unconstitutional and was going to be overturned, I guess however it was upheld by the supreme court in my state a week or so back, somehow I didn't get wind of this.  So they decided they had no choice but to ban us all.

What made it worse was them saying that we would have to show proof such as photo ID and scanned utility bills to prove we had moved.

Well, this is my income, and rent is due in 3 days, so this is no good, even if I did just uproot myself in a moments notice, how the hell am i going to get a photo ID created so quickly?

I sent an email to support and in about 2 minutes I received a phone call from the VIP department.
The dude was super nice and explained how they had no choice etc etc and knew I was going for SNE and obviously couldn't afford to take time off so he told me since I was a high volume player if I did manage to get out of state they would work with me in verifying my location such as a web cam in the hotel lobby or something goofy like that but he assured me they'd figure out a much quicker way to verify it.  So there is SOME hope I guess..  But man.. I like where I live, I'm not really thrilled about uprooting myself in a moments notice.

I'm still not sure how my wife's going to react... well i know how she will react INITIALLY but not overall.

Yeah I really can't believe they didn't give us some warning, I don't see why they wouldn't.  They even made it so we could turn our fpps to cash on the bonuses without clearing them AND we are still free to withdrawal at any time... so what's the difference if we have warning or not?  I would have played MORE if I knew that.  Very odd and brutal.

We are talking about turning our whole life upside down in 2 days, it's pretty upsetting especially for my wife.  Looking like in the early going that we'll be heading to Vegas to stay with a friend, so we'll see what happens.

I feel almost like Robert Deniro on Heat when he tells Al Pacino that you can never have anything in your life that you can't walk out on in 30 seconds if you see the heat around the corner.

I didn't realize I had to be prepared like that.  Crazy shit.

Ya it looks like that's what I'll be doing.  Moving there maybe as soon as Saturday and working from a wifi in a hotel room.  My friend is planning on renting a condo so I'll just stay with him and we'll both be working from there.  Like i said above, the site itself wont let you, but Steve the manager of the VIP room called me and gave me his phone number through Skype and said once I get there get a hold of him and he will personally get the account reopened so I can get back to at asap.  One of the first things he asked was "you're planning on going for SNE right?" to which I replied yeah definitely I'm a little behind pace because I've been trying different styles of play, but in the past i was always able to get 5,000 vpps/day at 200nl and was planning on switching back soon to make up the ground.  To which he said that in 2008 when he went for it he was almost exactly where I am now in vpps so he knows being forced to take time off will just make it that much harder.  So I'm pretty confident I'll get it back on once I get to Vegas.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Supernova Pursuit 2010 – September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

I've been having lots of ups and downs.  I'm currently still playing 100nl 100bb 6max, I've been changing the amount of tables based on how I feel I'm performing.

2 days ago I won 1100 even after losing that 400 pot that I posted, then the next 2 days I lost $600 each day, the 2nd day was capped off with accidently calling a $90 river shove... OOOPS!!

I was pretty frustrated with my last 2 days and confused on how I had done so bad when I started BOTH days with over $300 ev only to crash down throughout the day.

I studied some post flop hands toward the end of the night and was appalled at how bad I was playing.  Not in the big all-in hands, but just in the frequent post flop to the flop or turn hands.

Check folding hands I could tell were obvious bluffs by my opponents on the hand review and what not and realized I must have been worn out and not paying enough attention.

I was 24 tabling all day, I did 2 4 hour blocks and by the last one I must have been just totally out of it.  Literally hand after hand I was like.. WTF?  why did i do that, and I had NO IDEA i had done it.

So today I said, fuck the vpps, and only 16 tabled.  I started off with my signature +300ev in 1 hour only to lose it back as always, but kept more focused and fought it off when I felt I was slipping.
I finished a 4 hour block +550 cash and +380 ev.

I took a long walk and about  a 45minute break and fired up again.  I ran great.. REALLY great i was hitting flops people were folding when I didn't, and when i did get coolered I managed to keep it small.  A few times i DID notice myself slipping into robot mode and auto folding hands based on the hands and not position, where i was in the pot etc.  I shook it off and kept going, and in only another 2 hour session I finished the day up $1579   and +1339ev.

Great result.  I was going to play another 2 hours but when I was SO frustrated yesterday I figured I was just going to leave it at this so I will wake up tomorrow ready and eager to get back at it, because if I played and lost $500 in my last hour, sure its still a GREAT day but it would make me feel a bit uneasy about playing tomorrow and I just really felt like I needed this moral victory.  And with only playing 16 tables Im only getting about 400 vpps per hour right now anyway.

Hopefully I can continue to engrain the habits I have when I 16 table so as I add more I can keep playing this game, I don't need to keep donking off money playing terrible, I've done that enough this year.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Supernova Pursuit 2010 – September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

No updates in forever, as most of u know i hit a bad patch and decided to start trying to improve my game more than just grinding VPPs for now as it was worse than I realized, or bad variance, but regardless, I needed a change.  I didn't update here mainly because i forgot and didnt feel like I was even grinding lately just doing lots of homework.

Anyway as u guys know i've been playing some 6max... today's was no different.

The theme of today is... Can u convince urself to NOT pay off (you jackass)

So today I ran 2 sessions, a 4 hour and a 5 hour session.  Both were 100nl 100bb 6max.

I started off with 18 tables, but surprisingly somehow it had slowed down SO much from even yesterday I ended up doing 20 by the 2nd session.

The first session went pretty good, I unfortunately dropped a bit right at the end and went from +500 cash +450ev to 250 cash 200 ev, though still decent.

The 2nd session started out in shambles.  I was beat by set over set early on, and 2 times my 2nd nut two card flush ran into the nut flush.  That with some general bad play and bad luck, I was soon -300ev and -800 cash.

I kept playing and battling and felt like I was making some sound plays, I bluffed a lot more than normal as for a stretch it seemed EVERYONE was  a fucking nit, at one point I flopped 3 sets and 1 straight almost simultaneously, in ALL 4 all my opponents check folded on the flop.  I couldn't believe it.
Anyway I go on a nice heater about 3 hours in and suddenly Im up 600 ev for the day and 285 cash ( i ran terrible this session).

But then it happened, I had done it once or twice earlier but i just started paying people off.

I knew how nitty they were, but i hit a run of missing everything or constantly having 2nd best hands that normally would have been strong, yet i STILL knew i was almost definitely beat, and I kept calling.
I almost think it was a psychological thing like, OK i made my EV back AND some money back, time to relax... very very dumb.  I dropped to 150ev or so for a while, then the last 20 minutes which i didn't even plan on playing it got REALLY bad, I even made my first LEGIT tilt call ever.  I was 200 deep and this guy who previously and recently had hit 2 sets against me when I had top two in one and AA in the other on the flop was against me, flop came AQ4 I had AQ i bet he calls, turn is a Jack, I bet and just KNOW he will raise, and he does, I cant believe it, so what do I do?  Fold?  NOPE I tilt call, saying, oh maybe he's overplaying AJ... RIGHT... would I raise it to $68 there with AJ?  No... never.  So I call. and here's where it gets REAL bad... river is a T.  So any king will do... pot is 180 we both have a little over 100 left.. he puts it in and I already decide so i snap call.. and BAM KTo  ship it.  200bb gone.

I just shook my head, I really don't think I've ever done that, at least not this year, and if i did it might have been like a smaller bet or something.  But this one was bad.

So I ended the 9 hours -600ish in cash and -280 in EV.  Really MUCH better EV than I felt I deserved.
I looked through my top 25 and worst 25 hands of the day though.

and of the top 25, 2 of my winning hands maybe u could make an argument for 3 were iffy calls.
But, of my 25 worst hands, a whopping 12 were bad calls that shouldn't have been made.
I estimated each one was worth an average of about $80.  So if we took them all away including the 2 - 3 I won, we're talking about 700 of cash and ev that I spewed.

I really REALLY gotta stop doing that without good reason.  I said in Skype i was going to only about 10 minutes before i donked off the 200bb pot and a few others.  It was crazy I def was in a form of tilt even though I didn't feel angry.

However, I really am actually more optimistic now than I've been at 6max.  I've been winning in general, and don't feel intimidated or out of place at the 100nl level thus far (it's still early i know) and I really feel like once I sew up this leak I will be an instant winning player.

I definitely have more work to do and more to understand but i think the coaching vids on sites I've been on are helping and I think I'm thinking about my play and my opponents ranges more than ever, so hopefully I can just make myself fold once in a while, and we'll be on to the NEXT leak which I'm sure will rear its ugly head soon... probably folding TOO much lol.

GL everyone.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Supernova Pursuit 2010 – August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

The PokerStars love continues.  Today (my first day playing since the $1300 day) I yet again had a few great sessions.  I made $400 in my first 3 hours despite my ev actually being DOWN $250.  I came home to finish my 8 hour day and within less than 1 hour I was up 500 again but this time actually had positive EV.  I got as high as +1200 at one point and was hoping to have back to back +1k days, but then I got SMOKED down to about 750.  I finished the day up about $875 though with 350ev.

This now makes 3 consecutive winning days for me, and GOOD winning days at that, and best of all, all 3 were positive EV days as well.  Hopefully I've shaken off the rust and can keep this going for a while.  Man its nice to stack up a few winning days after such a long stretch of getting smoked last month.

My wife gave me a rather simple obvious way of breaking down my 120,000 vpps/month goal (5k per day 24 days).

I basically just need 40,000 vpps every 10 days.  I like this though because it gives me little intermediate goals to hit my main goal of 120k.   So with 2 days to go I'm at 32,500 so I don't even need the full 2 5k days.

So hopefully things keep going well and in 2 days I will be 1/3 of the way through my August goal.
The cool thing is that even though I felt like I slacked SO bad in June and July (and I did) the SNE pace right now as of tonight is: 602,740

I'm sitting at 572,500, so although I'm a BIT behind, the pace is only 2,740/day so at the end of August, pace will be at 663,020, and low and behold, my exact goal for the end of august is 660,000 vpps, so this should get me virtually right on pace and then from there it's just maintaining it and seeing just how early i want to get done with the grind this year.

Hope you all are doing well at the tables (IF YOU ARE EVEN PLAYING!!!)

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Monday, September 06, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

It's been a while since I've given an update because... well there hasn't been a lot to update about.

For the past 2 months my progress has all but come to a halt.  I have been drifting only getting around 50,000 vpps/month with all these commitments that keep smacking me in the face.

Well... I don't like it.  Days off are nice, but I'm the type of person that can only enjoy himself so much when in the back of his mind he knows he is slacking off.

I am still behind pace after being well ahead for most of the year and it has really been getting to me, but I have seemingly gotten through most commitments and am excited to get back to the grind and get going.

My upcoming goal is to have August be my biggest month to date.

I'm currently at just under 538,000 vpps.  I plan to play some tomorrow so I will at the very least get myself to 540,000 to enter into august.

At that point I will need 460,000 vpps in 5 months to get SNE.  I am going to play until I get 5k vpps each day and am going to start off the month playing 6 days/week.  If I play all but 7 days in august (3 2 day weekends and 1 1 day weekend) I'll hit 24 days of play for a total of 120,000 vpps.

This would put me up at 660,000 and actually if I continued this for Sept, Oct I would hit Nov 1st needing only 100,000 points for the rest of the year.

That is a bit ahead of where I am now, but I'm excited to try it.  It's 3 months of buckling down and then BAM I'm home free and the last 2 months are a cake walk (though I'd probably try to just finish it off in Novemeber if I get to that point)

So 1 step at a time.  August is almost here and I DESPERATELY want to keep my word and goal and hit 120,000 vpps next month.

Good luck all.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Just started a 4 hour session.  It went bad.  I started off just dying.  Kept getting allin on the river with 2nd nuts against 30%vpip types and what not, I only really felt bad about a few of the hands but the next thing I knew I hit refresh and I was down about $400 ev and $800 cash.  Kept playing for another 2.5 hours to finish off the 4 hour session.  At end I was -$470 in EV  and -$1270 in cash. ..

This brings my month total to -$2690 in cash and +$1.75 in EV.

Sad that over the last 2 days my ev dipped about $1,000 but also sad than my cash is falling faster.
I'm surprised that I'm running this bad when I thought having bigger stacks and being allin much less often would lead to less deviations from EV.

The good news I guess is that I'm still a few hundred up in EV since I started fullstacking over a month ago, but lately I've been having more bad days, time for a session review and see if I pick up on any boneheaded moves I guess.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

Well I did it... 500,000 vpps!

Of course it came with some sad news, my last 3 hour session was very bad.

I could NOT stop running into sets or KK vs AA type stuff..  And the worst part was it was ALWAYS against people unknown to me so I wouldnt give them respect... Such a bad finish.

My last session I lost about $700 and $600 EV (The ev is what upset me the most)

So I finished the day -1050 or so in cash and +$400 in EV.  MUCh lower in both than I had hoped.
The funny thing is if the sessions were in different order I'd probably be happier.  I finished the day with +400 ev which is 1.49bb/100 which is SUPERB!! but I still feel like I'm terrible at poker lol... what a twat.

Just sucks when u just drop that many buyins and feel like your getting creamed every hand.

Oh well..  time for a beer to celebrate..

Half way

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit – July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

Another great session.
Played for 3 hours, within about 20 minutes I was down about $250EV and down $480 cash.  I was really tired probably started a little early but realized I was once again trying to force it not being patient.
After the end of my 3 hours, my EV was up $760 and my cash up $520.  Great turn around Smile
My biggest pot is also my biggest pot to date I believe, I was actually talking to a friend on Skype AND my wife was talking to me so I was a little distracted, I don't even REMEMBER playing the flop OR turn, and when the river came down I didn't even know what had happened, I assumed I had raised Pf, Cbet the flop and then checked the turn, later I saw what had happened... Sometimes being distracted DOES pay off Smile
PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $2.00 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com
MP1 ($33)
MP2 ($40)
MP3 ($35)
CO ($35.75)
Button ($36.35)
SB ($192.50)
MellowYellow (BB) ($189.95)
UTG ($206.90)
UTG+1 ($73)
Preflop: MellowYellow is BB with ,
UTG calls $2, 5 folds, Button calls $2, SB calls $1, MellowYellow checks
Flop: ($8) , , (4 players)
SB checks, MellowYellow checks, UTG bets $4, 2 folds, MellowYellow calls $4
Turn: ($16) (2 players)
MellowYellow checks, UTG bets $2, MellowYellow calls $2
River: ($20) (2 players)
MellowYellow bets $11.50, UTG raises to $36, MellowYellow raises to $83.50, UTG raises to $198.90 (All-In),
MellowYellow says "Oh Shiiit!!"
I double check to make sure I DO have a boat and there isn't a double paired board like AA558 and I'm being an idiot, (I’m playing 24 tables maybe I'm missing something)  There isn't.  Damn... seems like slow played AA... But what am I going to do at this point, I have to pay him off... I look up and see his VP$IP is 64% and Suddenly make a very confident call.
MellowYellow calls $98.45 (All-In)
Total pot: $383.90 | Rake: $3
Main pot: $383.90 between MellowYellow and UTG, won by MellowYellow
MellowYellow had 8, 8 (full house, eights over fives).
UTG had 7, K (flush, Ace high).
Outcome: MellowYellow won $380.90
Very Happy  Gotta love it.  Back on a 2 session winning streak...  Come on baby keep it up Smile

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Monday, August 02, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

Well tomorrow I take my REAL vacation and the tail end of the 'somewhat' vacation.

My step-son has been here for 2 weeks now and so my hours have really suffered, I only got in something like 24 hours in each week at best, there was just too much going on between watching him and taking him out to do fun summer stuff.

So I'll probably wake up and try to get about 4 hours in before leaving, and hopefully another 6 hours or so when I'm down in California.  I'm guessing I can get a total of 5,000 vpps between tomorrow and a little play on vacation so when I come back I will be only 3 days away from 500,000 vpps.

So of course I SHOULD have had 500k by the end of this month, I'm not too worried about being a little behind as I've said many times.

I really have been playing most 30 - 34 hours/week for the vast majority of weeks and still would get more than I needed per week, so if I just buckle down and get some good weeks in it will be no problem, and although I do have some stuff coming up in July and August once the summer fades in Sept and October I really plan on buckling down and trying to get to where I'm practically done by the time December hits.
Anyway I've continued going for full stacking (50bbs) and today was a great one.

I ended up the day up over $1,000 and up about 600ev as well.    My last 2 hour session alone was +$900 and 650ev it was crazy i just kept steadily winning the whole time my graph just kept slowly climbing up no real big jumps up or down.

Also my red line actually climbed a bit over the last 3 hours of my 5.5 hour day, I am guessing it's a result of being in a lot more larger pots that don't go to showdown like I would when short stacking.  If so maybe it does make a bit more sense to me how your red line is cruising so well Tony, though mine is not anything like yours.

Anyway hopefully I will keep working and thinking about things and improving, I am trying to get the short stack mentalities out of my head like jamming with any kind of top pair type hands or over pairs and thinking I HAVE to see showdowns cuz I have decent hands.  And really more than ever I'm now paying attention to who I'm in the pot with as certain regs just will not continue without monster hands.  I still have to get better at that but I think I'm on the path.

I was hoping for some advice on hiring coaches or where to look, but who knows maybe that won’t happen after all.  I reached out to 2 people and never heard back so maybe I'll juts keep grinding away for now, though I do think it's a great idea and could be immensely beneficial, especially around the blinds and with hands like TT or AK facing an open raise or a raise of my own pf open.

Anyway hope everyone has a good finish to their month and starts out July in the green.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Friday, July 30, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

I think the 'better' indicator is my attitude.  Today like I said I lost $1k.  Pretty brutal... I never ONCE yelled, cussed, hit anything etc.  I said a lot of "Wow... Damn this seat sucks... Well at least I didn't shove"  and that type.  There were two or three hands I felt like an idiot after, but for the most part I KNEW i was just having some really shitty luck, it wasn't a hand I thought I would look back at and be upset about my play in.

Tho I am still human and still obviously prone to tilt, I truly think I'm doing much better at getting mad only when I play bad and not when I am just a victim of variance.

And about the whole "my ev was up" thing, yeah you're right.. I know for example, 1 - 2 weeks ago I made $1k in only 3 hours and my EV was somewhere around +850.  I was excited and happy, BUT I knew full well that even though my EV was so high, I hit a lot of draws, didn't remember my QQ+ running into ANY sets and when the scare cards hit on the river, they didn't have it... So on the surface it might have just looked like "Hey best hand won"  I was just getting spoiled, my "best hand' ALWAYS won, and THAT in a way is sucking out as well.

I think you just have to get a general feeling if you are seeing your opponents make mistakes that you don't think you would do if the cards and positions were switched, or if you see them just getting unlucky losing with AQ to your AA on a AQ3 board and that kind of thing that you would have lost to as well in their shoes.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010

Started trying fullstacking the last 2 days... And by fullstacking I guess I really mean 50bbs  Im at the 20 - 50bb tables.

Anyway I've had 3 sessions, first 2 were 15 tabling, 3rd was 18 tabling.   All 3 have been +EV sessions though I didn't always win, so far I think I'm really liking it, I've definitely been in a couple tough spots, but I think I'm working it out pretty well for being so newish at it.

The last 2 days have only been 10,500 hands, less than 1 normal full day despite it being 10 hours of actual play, I looked at it today and after a bad start with the normal short stacking I improved my EV to +$116 over that time but my money is -$886  so almost EXACTLY $1,000 below EV... Oh well I've ran good and bad, if the EV is positive I can't be mad at it, I'm at 475,000 vpps right now, I COULD make a push to get 500k before I leave for my vacation but because of my family being here I probably will just keep doing these shorter 5ish hour sessions before I leave and be around probably 490 when I leave so right there.  Anyway hope it keeps going good and hopefully its not just good variance, I actually felt i was getting screwed on the last session, I had 3 hands in a row with total fish 55/20   24/18 type players that had:  K6 vs my KJ board of K96J  and they JUST called to the river not one raise Sad
55 vs K8 board of K85  JUST called to the river never raised Sad   and then KK vs. 55 board of something like 59JKQ so he JUST called to the river as well and didn't ever put in a raise with a set, and unfortunately I got stacked set over set the other way and had 2 KK vs. AA aipfs  but even still, positive EV felt pretty good.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – May 27, 2010

May 27,2010

Well the last two days have been pretty frustrating, yesterday I was down big early on but grinded out to back to even but then the last 2 hours every time I would get even or up about $40 I would  hit a down swing, when my time was up I actually hit a 5 hour peak LOW by diving at the last 20 minutes and losing $350 on the day.

Today is only half over but even more frustrating.  I played a 2 hour session this morning, was up almost $300 in about 10 minutes then gave most of it back but was $50.  I came back and INSTANTLY started getting screwed.  Losing every race, running QQ, KK and AK into AA like crazy, and then after about 40 minutes, it REALLY got bad.  I lost $430 in only 8 minutes, as my opponents just insanely out flopped me or got allin pf with me and sucked out.

On the 2/4 tables I had the 3 following hands all-in PF:  AKs vs JTs,  KK vs JTs,  AK vs T8s  all 3 losing even after 2 of them flopping a set and top pair but them finishing with the nut  straight.

Then there were several where I had KK or AA against one player, they had T5s or 82s and flopped a pair and flush draw, it was just insane what I kept running into.

Next thing I knew I was down over $800.

It's just very maddening, I guess if I had NO ego I wouldn't care, I know I'm not just being an idiot and getting trapped and paying people off light, its just really bad luck, but when it happens a lot and ESPECIALLY when they hit some crazy draw or trips and THEN we get all-in, it makes me sick cuz I know my EV looks terrible.  Technically this shouldn't matter to me, but I'm human and it does... Of course I am only 800 vpps away from clearing my bonus, I THOUGHT i was going to clear it all without TOO many bad runs, but today looks like it could easily be a -1 -2k day.

Hopefully it will turn soon, but my gawd this has been a ridiculous day.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

I haven't been updating as much as again there hasn't been a lot to report.  I've been bouncing back and forth between playing more 100nl and then get sick of the points and move back up.

Lately I decided that 400nl is just TOO swingy, I don't need that stress.  So the last two days I decided to start out playing 100nl  and then finish the day at 200nl as in the mornings vpps suck and play is too tight there's too many regs.

So far the results have been good, I'm up over 1k in the last 2 days and my EV is up over about 800.
I still feel that over time this whole change will be better for me as I'm now forced to not rathole, but of course there is a learning curve.  Well today I'm pretty sure I just had good luck coupled with my good play, but I definitely made a few bigger lay downs that I normally wouldn't have and that adds up.. A few $100+ drawing to 2 outs or less add up over the course of a 13,000 hand session.

I'm now over 390,000 vpps, I definitely fell back a bit trying more 100nl and playing less tables trying to get my game better, but as I said before, I know just how easy it is to catch up and I"m not worried about it at all, Especially when 400nl is usually around .6 - .8 vpps/ hand it's insane.

So this month has been pretty good, I've had some huge downswings but I'm feeling GREAT about my play right now and hopefully I keep improving.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Friday, July 23, 2010

Barney Frank’s Online Gambling Bill Goes to Markup Tuesday

Tuesday July 27th, 2010

This is legitimate movement in the direction of officially legal online poker.  Even though other bills including the notorious UIGEA which was installed as a Trojan Horse aboard the SAFE Port Act never made it illegal for an individual poker player to play on online poker sites it still has had a chilling effect on online poker players especially in the United States.

Other steps will have to be made before this bill becomes a law and these steps probably won’t happen until next year.  According to John Pappas, the executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, the bill almost certainly has support to pass or Mr. Frank wouldn’t be calling it to a vote.

We all look forward to the day when we can pull the noble game of poker out of the shadows and into full legalization and play poker hands online knowing we are participating in a fully regulated and legal endeavor.

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Ok made 300k within my first hour of today, I put in a little extra time and made back up to my monthly goal of being at 305,000 by nights end.  It was pretty cool because it also coincided almost to the VERY FPP of me hitting enough FPPs to buy another 4k bonus.  Whenever my 4k bonus is within a day or 2 of hitting a hundred thousand milestone I hold off a few days getting the milestone so i can buy the bonus earlier and clear it while getting vpps for the next bonus... In the long run it doesn't matter but I hate waiting so long for the bonuses to clear and I guess just getting 50,000 fpps to get the milestone will break up the wait.

Anyway as far as this new change is concerned:

Yesterday the VPPs were amazing, today they were back to normal or maybe even a little bit worse, not much but a TINY bit worse, I think perhaps more regs were trying out these games and tightening up the tables, I dunno.

But what I have tentatively decided to do is short stack but not rathole.  I've been looking for an excuse to try bigger stacks for a while now, and the fact that the timer is set at 60 minutes and there are FAR fewer tables is probably that push.  Today during peak time we had around 50 20-50bb tables from 1-2 & 2-4 so that was cool.  Obviously though I'm not that good at larger stacks yet.  I feel like there are a LOT of people on the tables that aren't that great either, but I REALLY have to work on my curiosity.  So often I'll have Aces and get raised on the turn and pretty much know I'm beat but still call just so I can see how this jackass sucked out on me.. and then after I see I say oh ok that way... hmm.. that wasn't worth the cost of the info... who's the jackass now?

I don't do it all the time or anything, TPTK type hands I get away from when I feel I need to mostly but those over pairs get me because sometimes I will think I should fold and then I call and Oh ok He just has AJ on the JT84 board and my Queens are good, so then when I get in another spot where I feel I'm beat I'll say, maybe he just has TPTK again.. and end up losing big stacks.  I definitely need to improve my full stacking game and who knows maybe this will be a good spot since a LOT of hands are against shorter stacks anyway even when I do get over 100bbs at the table most times it is a range of 20 - 60bb stacks, of course if I do have a larger stack and a lot of others do or a few regs do that I think are good or probably better than me I'll leave though because I'm just not that comfortable with it yet.

For now though it seems to be OK.  Tonight I was playing a bit later than usual and was pretty damn low on tables, I think I ended up doing something like 18 - 200nl  3  400nl  and 3 100nl tables at the end as tables were drying up, but I usually dont quite play that late, obviously I hope there will be a bit more than that to choose from, but for now it seems I have a plan that will work out alright.

I ended the day after playing almost 9 hours down $260 in EV, of course part of that was getting over $100 all-in on the turn after a guy hit his gutshot against my aces and was drawing dead so only a few buyins down ev (actual was close to -500 i ALWAYS run bad at 400NL Sad  )  but yeah hopefully I will keep getting better and start getting away from dangerous hands more often and letting the bad players stack off when I have a better hand more often... at least I THINK that's what my mind set should be when I get a larger stack against other large stacks at FR. Obviously breaking the habit and luxury of seeing lots of showdowns and quenching your curiosity when short stacking is hard to appease now that I've been doing it so long Smile

But I digress... Over 300k!

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 -- March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

So yesterday I started out my sessions trying to play like I did before with a bit of mixed results though definitely better than it had been, but of course this was only one day and about 6.5 hours.

The main thing was I realized for the last 300,000 hands I've been playing around a 11.5/11 style, whereas before I was 14/14  I looked and mainly the difference was just from not stealing as often, somehow I had convinced myself my steals weren't working as much and neither were my flop cbets... when they don't work 4 or 5 times in a row, which is like 4 or 5 times in about 20 seconds playing 24tables it feels like you're spewing chips, but I filtered out when I stole and found that even though it wasn't working quite as often as before, it was still a HUGE money maker, I looked at Saturdays terrible session in particular, my ev for Saturday was something like -$380 yet I lost over $1,000.  So I ran bad and played bad, but even with this bad run, when stealing from the CO and Button I still made $1.79 per attempt, so almost 90bb/100 or so at 1/2.  So then I multiplied my old steal % by the amount of times I could have stolen, and it worked out that during my sessions on Saturday I could have stolen around 180 more times or so, so roughly $325 worth of value if my winrate held up that I just let slip away.  That's quite a bit of money just given away...

Years ago when I did the 1/2 limit grind I started out making about 100 - 200/day for the first week, then slowly started losing more and more and more and I kept playing tighter and tighter thinking that was why I was losing cause they were so loose i needed to play tighter or something.  Well I guess I was slipping into that funk again.

I played again yesterday, after 2 sessions my EV was +300ish and then played one last 2 hour session and my ev was -380.  So after 6 hours -80ev.  Not great, but it was at a 15/14.5 style and honestly I think the last session was just DOMINATED by coolers, I felt I took a TON of them, and usually on most sessions my W$atSD is right around 50% .  Like 52% is decent, 50% is usually a little bad and anything below is usually when I'm getting coolered a lot.

Well just to give an example, I actually won like $50 during my lat session where my ev was -$380  So I ran great right?  Well even with THAT my W$atSD was LESS than 40% that's one of my lowest of all time AND I ran 10 buyins above ev!!

So I'm really feeling pretty encouraged by the original results I really think I was just somehow focusing more on when people would resteal or raise my flop cbet several times in a row instead of looking at the overall results and seeing my cbets were only working about 1.5% less and my steals only about 1% less overall, not NEARLY enough to stop doing them so often imo.

Obviously I don't want to get premature about this, poker is insanely swingy and maybe I was playing against a lot of weaker players since it was Sunday, and also the regs probably see my steal % as lower on their HUD than what I was doing yesterday so overtime that will start to change and they should start fighting back more often too, but for now I'm at least cautiously encouraged about the results and will hopefully keep them going in the right direction even  more.

260,000 VPPs and climbing

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – March 27, 2010

Uhm, I'm not sure.  There are 52 weeks in a year, I'm trying to do it in a minimum of 50 weeks, so 20,000/week.

This year started on a Fri so Fri - Thursday is a week.  This Thursday will be the end of week 13.

So by Thursday I need 260,000.  I have 256,000 now, so one more full day and I'll have over 260k.  I may get as high as 275,000 but I'm not sure.

I've been really running bad lately and just having TERRIBLE luck and not playing well either.
Today I'm at -$270 EV which is about 7 buyins for me, not TOO bad but obviously not ideal, but I'm down $1060 today.

Also even before today started, in the last week since I purchased my $4,000 bonus and started clearing it I was already down over $1,000 below what my EV said i should be at.

I'm still above my EV reading overall for the entire year, but since this last week or two has just been so bad it's really all hitting at once and making it hard on my psyche Smile

Actually even yesterday, I won something like $40 after almost 9 hours, but it sucked because with only 40 minutes til I stopped playing I was up $600, then suddenly lost every single hand and finished almost break even.  This game can sure be a struggle.

I'm fine on money though so there is still no reason to REALLY fret I guess, I'm still doing ok and will keep going, I just need to figure out what has been going on with my EV plummet.  I have made some kind of unconscious changes I guess, and I'm going to hopefully flush them out.  If my EV were still going up and I was losing I wouldn't mind really at all, but these days like today where I lose a ton and my EV is down $250+ really make me upset mentally and start doubting everything (which probably I should)

It's really MUCH harder to track things in poker than I ever realized though, it's not just about your EV being up or down, maybe you put lots of coolers on people and had none put on yourself?  Maybe you flopped a lot better than you had before, maybe your opponents kept missing the boards so your cbets succeeded more often?  There are just SO SOOOO many factors into running good or bad it's really almost impossible to know.

Hopefully I can make some sense of this though without changing anything that will make me do worse.


MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Monday, July 19, 2010

The WSOP 2010 Final Table

So here’s what the final table looks like:

Player Name

Chip Count

Jonathan Duhamel


John Dolan


Joseph Cheong


John Racener


Matthew Jarvis


Filippo Candio


Michael Mizrachi


Soi Nguyen


Jason Senti


I’m happy to report that my hoping for Michael Mizrachi to win hasn’t killed his chances so far.  The final 9 will play to a winner in November, 2010.

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – February 19, 2010

I had a really bad week, did a short coaching session and think that although at first it was probably a little bit more bad luck than anything I went a little on tilt without knowing it, doing stupid things post flop where I had hands like JJ or QQ and flop comes K84 and then when some new player donks into me I kept not believing them and shoving or reraising and was almost always proved that they had it, just a few stupid post flop leaks I didn't even realize I was doing, I think it can be easier than I realized to get in a rut and start playing dumb with 24 tables going, its good to look over my sessions here and there cause it can be a real eye opener later on, you know you're playing bad when you see several hands where you are embarrassed and think, what the fuck was i thinking there?

Anyway I also played about 2.5 hours of full stacking at 100NL FR today.  It went pretty good, I felt pretty comfortable early on, I was a bit confused what to do in spots where I had say JJ, big stack opens, small stack 3 bet shoves, do I call, do I 4 bet and get practically have my stack in, do I shove?  those spots were a little shaky for me but I managed to do alright.

Overall I finished -80 so not quite a buyin and I'm pretty happy with that since I had a few coolers where I flopped sets and they flopped the straight (twice) and once where I flopped a set of 3's in the BB and bet pot to the river where I eased off a little and a guy min reraised me with 77 that rivered a set even though there were  2 or 3 over cards on the board, oh well.  Definitely felt more comfortable than I expected, I'm going to probably try a few more of these sessions while in California and hopefully keep getting better at it.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poker Table Ratings Uncovers Cereus Flaw and Then Makes Everyone Misunderstand What it Means

Ok, I’m out of the loop so I missed this issue that was bought up in May and then which circled sites like wildfire.  UltimateBet and Absolute Poker were using a simple custom encoding instead of industry standard SSL encryption (the kind your browser uses where you are visiting https:// sites like a bank, etc.)  The flaw is definitely something that should have been fixed (and was fixed a few weeks ago) but the explanation given by Poker Table Ratings (their article here) gave the impression that the flaw could easily allow an attacker to compromise your account, see your hole cards, etc.
Well… Yes.  IF you are playing UltimateBet on an unsecured and unencrypted wireless connection AND someone has a computer with a special wireless card that lets them sniff packets AND if they figured out the encoding they could see information sent from you to the cardroom (like your username and password) and from the cardroom to you (like your hole cards) AND they are sitting right next to you.
One minor issue—who plays poker (or does anything financial at all) on an unsecured unencrypted wireless connection?  ALMOST NO ONE.  Most online players, I’d dare say, play poker either from a single computer, or from a home wired network or from an encrypted home wireless network.  And instead of acknowledging that this is basically safe they say even wired networks could be compromised which goes beyond silly because it means that someone has to target YOU and then get a wired connection to your wired network which means plugging an RJ 45 into your switch/router/whatever which is probably right there sitting next to you and THEN they have to have a special network card that allows packet sniffing, the software to use that card and the ability to crack the encoding, and then somehow use that while you are playing online poker.  So… yes if your sister is a master computer hacker and lives with you there could have been an issue.  For everyone else in the world there’s NO way your account, hole cards, etc are going to be compromised.
Question:  If someone knows about this bug and sees my account playing poker can they hack me and see my hole cards?
Answer: Not unless they know who you are in real life and break the physical security at your actual physical network to intercept your information.  If they only know your poker Screen Name there is no way for them to target you.  They must actually get in close physical proximity to you in the real world.
Of course UltimateBet and Absolute Poker are now using industry standard SSL encryption so even this “in-person” attacks on your account won’t work anymore, but my point is that this was never a threat to most players at these sites and only a mild threat to the worst-case-scenario people who were logging in and playing real-money poker or an unknown and unsecured wireless network.  For those people, even though this issue has been fixed I sincerely recommend they stop doing that.  And stop accessing their bank and any other financial or sensitive information.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – February 18, 2010

Oh also, I have this error that occurs sometimes now that I use Table ninja where suddenly the waitlist box doesn't pop up that asks you if you want to join a table so after a while it just says "Sorry u didn't respond in time you have been removed from the waitlist"

So you have to quit your session and restart Poker Stars, so today I didn't feel like it and just stopped leaving tables, I had several where I had around $130 - $150 it was definitely more interesting, and surprisingly there were a fair amount of people with at least $100 today so I played quite a few deeper stacked.
I don't think I ever really got it in behind in these spots with big stacks, I had one where I had Js Jd flop came 9c 4c 7c I cbet, bet the turn and then the river brought a Ten that wasn't a club so I made a smaller river bet because at this point I was a little worried what this guy could call a river bet with that I beat, he banked for a while and just called with T9 for the rivered 2 pair and took down about a $115 pot.

Then the 2 biggest pots I was in were me in the BB with AK  SB raises $5, I raise to around $18 he 3 bets to $45 or $50 and I shove for $120 he calls with A9 and flops a 9.
Then the worst was:  Me in MP with AK probably around $125 stack,    Average deep stack player (16/12) opens guy to his left 3 bets, this guy is like a 68/24 so I'm not too worried about him and I 4 bet to around $40 or so, they both call.
Flop comes 4c 8d Kc    check, loose fish donks $20 into me, I shove for the remainder of my stack, EP folds and he calls, turns over 8s 6d and rivers a 6 for a pot of around $230 or so.  I never sucked out on anyone in deep stack pots but took a couple so that didn't help but I definitely found it more interesting.

I'll probably try taking more shots like this before just buying in for a full stack everywhere, this way I can ease into it and hopefully not try doing it too quick before I have a very good grasp on it.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Friday, July 16, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 – February 2, 2010

Sorry about the no updates, i just figured I would wait for something more significant to report rather than just "made 4500 vpps today etc"

Anyway, burnout:  So far no burnout, sometimes toward the very end of the day, the last hour or so  it will drag a little bit but not bad, but really, ALL work drags at some point.  But no overall it's great, my wife still works where I used to, and EVERY day she goes to work I'm glad I'm not heading there myself.

Although you are right about my basic zero winrate, it still feels like a winrate to me, I guess at this point I'm still learning and really trying to perfect my ranges and values when I'm 3 bet or when I 3 bet etc and so I am still always thinking about my game, and although my winrate /100 isn't very good I still brought in almost $800 and EV wise almost 1200 which is pretty good for monthly, and my very first full time month making this my job I brought in $7500 which is more than I've ever made at any other job so I'm not down about it at all.

I actually don't see much obstacles in making 1 million, I am SURE there will be some burnout in the future but for now it goes well and my vpps stack up pretty quick and I am hopeful that I will keep overachieving so if I do need a week off later on it wont be a big deal, but every week i continue to be encouraged by my progress.

I have no plans to move up because it is mostly the same people, the vpps do NOT double at 2/4 or 3/6 though the swings would so for now I like where I'm at.

I still think PokerStars would be INSANE to change there buyins, the rules of poker are you have to buyin for at least 20bb people don't like it cuz they say the fish play there but wont play at the 50bb minimum tables (why wouldn't they?) so I think its  just people wanting it ALL there way and no compromise, I'm playing within the rules as are all people playing at these levels, I’ve seen increase in people playing at these levels so PokerStars should be making more money, but if they DO decide to follow Full Tilt, I will initially just buyin for more, but would be strongly looking toward moving to full stacking, I am VERY interested in moving up to full stacking, I just don't know how I will initially do it, I'll need a much larger BR to do it, and I really don't want to move down and kill my VPPs, but if PokerStars DOES make us move up to 35bb I think we will probably get more VPP/hand so it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing and I do feel I'm one of the better short stackers and so I still feel I'd be doing ok if we had to move up, so yeah on one side, things are going quite well, this is my livelihood now so of COURSE I don't want them to suddenly change things mid year, i think that is really immoral and I think it was wrong of Full Tilt to do it without much warning other than just a vague "we are going to probably change stuff" and I hope PokerStars doesn't follow, BUT if they DO a part of me would be intrigued to get that push to try playing with bigger stacks.

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Supernova Elite Pursuit 2010 Jan 6

January 6, 2010

Well another day, another 4,000 Vpps, and another stale mate in BR.

I started off today doing well, probably just getting a better run of cards than normal, or maybe flopping better, I was up over 200 in EV after an hour or so but my BR was still below zero, after a 3 - 4 hour session I ended up only +60 in $EV and down $55 in BR.  I started gearing up to play again but was just looking at how dismal the VPPs had been ever since the new year and how nitty the tables had been, it was rare to get a 3bet shove called by anything less than JJ or AK, finally after talking to another guy playing who was playing 200NL I realized his VPP/hand was basically the same as last year, so after a little discussion we decided... it was time for a shot at 200NL.

I started off and was in the middle of a hurricane.  EVERY bet I got was called or raised, every c-bet called or raised, if I checked the turn the river was bet, it was nuts, i was starting to think these guys were all MASSIVE calling stations.  For a while I was considering only playing AA or KK and just open shoving lol these guys were THAT loose.

Finally though it started to calm down, I think I probably just had a really high amount of opponents with good cards or hitting the flop better because it was unlike anything i had ever seen.  Also the vast majority of all PFRs are min raises.  I decided to follow suit for a while to see how this would work for me since I steal a lot.  This made it easier to get away from 3 bets when I had inferior hands or on the flop since the pot wasn't so big.

Err... I don’t have  as much time to type out all I ran into on the first day but one thing I DO need to get better at is keeping the pot smaller when I dont have the biggest of hands, it's tough because some people are totally willing to stack off with me with just say KJ on a Jxx board, or maybe T8 on a 854 board, but other times I can almost tell I'm beat but end up still calling with top pair and getting crushed by a set, a straight or two pair.  I think I need to try and keep the c-bets smaller so as not to get stacked so often when I'm way behind, but I guess we'll see.  I am starting to think though that this level would be the best out of any level I've played to just shove more aggressively, I was pretty shocked by what my 3bet shoves were called by today.  Tomorrow is another day, more to come and hopefully even if I do lose (which Im very much expecting) i learn something and it isn’t just useless free fall...

MellowYellow @ Low Limit Poker Forum